Top 5 Beaches In Pattaya To Visit In 2020

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5 Beaches In Pattaya To Visit In 2020. Some people like to snorkel. Others would love to swim till their hands got tired while some others are just interested in some nice time on the sands. No matter which category you fall into, there is a Pattaya beach out there for you. The good news is, we won’t let you go through the hassle of finding out which one for yourself. We have taken the stress to research what the best beaches in Pattaya are great for.

1 Jomtien Beach

Before you go seeing Pattaya beach – which is what just about everyone seems to be interested in – Jomtien beach is the place to be. The water you will get here is one of the cleanest in all of Pattaya’s beaches. That is why we recommend diving and swimming here. Don’t forget to go to kiteboarding too. In case you’re tired of all that activity, you can get a massage at the beach before heading home for the night.

2 Pattaya Beach

Whether this beach made the island famous or vice versa will still be debated, but that is because it lives up to the hype. Just about anything you have heard about the fun lifestyle on this beach is true. Located close to the center of the city, it is the most accessible and the liveliest of all beaches on the island. The sun is just right for sunbathing, but don’t forget your sunscreen either. While we won’t recommend diving and snorkeling here, you can enjoy some banana boating and jet skiing instead.

 3 Wong Amat Beach

This is not the kind of beach you go too when you want something fast-paced. In other words, the Wong Amat beach is ideal for lovers/ partners/ honeymooners looking to spend some quality time with themselves in a relaxed and beautiful environment. The fine yet coarse sands are great for building sandcastles while also providing enough friction to make the beachside fun to walk. With dining options abounding around the beach, you should try fishing with portable fish finder at the Wong Amat beach before heading back home.

4 Samae Beach

Sited on the part of Coral Island, this is probably the best place to get your snorkeling and diving gear out on Pattaya island. Samae beach is characterized by clean waters and a vibrant coral reef to match. The water is also home to some of the most friendly, colorful fish species you will encounter anywhere on the island. For those who do not want to get into the water, Samae beach also offers a host of hiking options for you to explore. Here, there is simply something for everyone.

5 Bamboo Beach

You have probably never heard of this beach too, and that is for a good reason. Located on nearby Koh Phai island, it is one of those beaches where you won’t find much to do anyway. But then, that is what makes it perfect. Devoid of the maddening crowd and deafening noise that has come to define most of Pattaya’s beaches, Bamboo beach offers an escape into a more relaxed and serene lifestyle. At Bamboo beach, you can simply bathe in the sun and stroll around all day – and you would still find it alluring! Want to learn more about other amazing beaches in Thailand? Visit for more inspiration.