Top 5 Best-Selling Car Models in Malaysia for 2019

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2019 is one really successful year for the automobile industry. Since 2015, the last year is the first one with significant improvement in the number of sales and the total industry volume (TIV). The total sold units for 2019 are a bit more than 600 000 units. 

Proton Malaysia reported that the company will continue to invest in outlet growth and new training programs in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Also, the call for passenger vehicles rose last year, going up by 3.2% to 550,179 units. 

The per cent of passenger vehicle segment was increased up to 91 % of the total industry volume. At the same time, the volume of commercial vehicle sales went drastically down with a bit more than 17 %. 

We observed how the different brands changed their specifics, improved their functionality and how they have fared on the marketplace in 2019. The information and numbers in this article have been reported by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Here are some trivia to ponder on before we get to the list – the 5 models came from four brands, and these gave an improvement of a total of 382,878 units, leading to a 69.5% share of the total sales in the passenger vehicle segment. An interesting fact, for example, is that Honda HR-V appeared on the market in the last 3 months of 2018, but because of some difficulties had the chance to have its debut in January 2019. Although this was a bit impending, the SUV- which is available in four variants, including a hybrid- made it into the tenth volume among them. Quite awesome. 

Honda City – 31,357 units

The Honda city made it as the top non-national performer, although being unchanged (except for the adding of a new blush to the exterior) in its fourth-gen facelift guise, continued to maintain good numbers. According to experts from, the new Honda City will go on the market with full power and without delay. Of course, this will mean a significant improvement in the B- segment sedan. 

Proton Saga – almost 39 000 units sold.

This vehicle, which was the best-selling Proton car model, got remodelled in August 2019. After its debut, it had amazing sales figures, and by the end of the year, the car automaker had received about 41,000 orders. It, however, cannot compete with the Bezza but it is believed that its sales will pick up in 2020. Proton released a statement that the Saga will be made into a best-seller by 2020. 

Perodua Bezza – 45,656 units sold.

It might not have the prettiest rear in appearance but that doesn’t deter its buyers. The Bezza is very practical, and it is useful for those who share rides and need a large boot space. The vehicle is in high competition with another vehicle Proton Saga. It would be nice to see who would win by the end of 2020.

Perodua Axia – 67,267 units sold.

According to the sales figure for last year, the Axia was the second best-selling vehicle. It is a compact hatchback that was updated in September 2019, and asides the addition of the new kit that includes VSC, there was an introduction of two different variants of which the SUV-inspired Style was among.

Perodua Myvi – 81,966 units sold.

It can hardly be counted as a surprise that the Perodua Myvi still holds the position of the number one car. It is still considered as the best-selling car in the country, and the margin between it and the second is quite large.