Top 5 Healthy Spring Lunch Ideas

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We are in the middle of the spring season, which should end in a few weeks’ time. But before this warmer and wetter weather season comes to an end, you should try the top 5 healthy spring lunch ideas below. You can easily make each dish at home with the appropriate ingredients, which can conveniently order from your meal delivery service. You should order your snacks and get more details about Sun Basket, for example. Read a review about the company if you are curious about them. That said, check out the following meal ideas:

1.Spicy Ground Beef with Pasta and a Glass of Wine

Quite yummy, filling and neither too heavy nor too light, the spicy ground beef with pasta and a glass of wine can be a perfect meal-drink combo, especially for those who are obsessed with beef. This spicy dish, which consists of cow meat, pasta, and, of course, a variety of spices and ingredients including basil leaves, chilies, onions, fresh ground pepper, ginger-garlic paste, tomato paste and more is quite healthy for the body.

For instance, it is low in calories not to mention that it serves as a good source of sodium, potassium, Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and folate. Apart from these, other healthy nutrients that can be derived from spicy ground beef with pasta include but are not limited to protein, carbs, and dietary fiber. Last but not least, spicy ground beef with pasta is relatively easy to make. For example, it takes only 38 minutes to make a plate of spicy ground beef with pasta, once you get all the necessary ingredients from your meal delivery service. 

  1. Prawn Noodle Salad and a Glass of Fresh Juice

For seafood lovers, prawn noodle salad is a dish you should really try one day. This mouthwatering seafood recipe that consists of prawn, noodles and a salad that is made up of a range of vegetables, spices, and other ingredients, is not only favorable to your taste buds, but it is also quite filling though not as heavy as you might think.

In addition, the dish is quite healthy with a low amount of calories per serving. Furthermore, prawn noodle salad is a rich source of dietary fiber, which promotes digestion, weight loss among providing other amazing health benefits. Plus, you will love the fact that the recipe doesn’t take too much time to make. With the right ingredients from your meal delivery service, a PNS recipe that yields a single serving takes just 15 minutes to make. 


  1. Lentil Vegan Soup

As you can see, I did not forget vegans in writing these healthy spring lunch ideas. That said, the lentil vegan soup is a melt-in-your-mouth dish perfect for those whose diets are strictly vegetable-based foodstuffs. Filling, not so heavy, and easy to prepare, this delicacy provides a whole lot of health benefits. For instance, it is relatively low in calories with a single plate containing just 229 calories, keeping weight gain at bay. Apart from containing low-calorie amounts, lentil vegan soup is also a good source of sodium and potassium, Vitamin A, and manganese. Furthermore, the soup provides Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, copper, folate, iron, magnesium, niacin, thiamin, among other essential nutrients, which all contribute to good health.

  1. Chicken Burrito with a Glass of Orange Juice

For those who have never heard of chicken burrito, this is a Mexican dish consisting of a type of soft, thin wheat-flour-made flatbread(tortilla) wrapped into a sealed cylindrical shape around various ingredients. Though the choice of ingredients for this Mexican dish is at the discretion of the person who is making the dish, many people will use small chicken chunks, lime or coriander rice, wraps, grated cheddar, beaten egg, onions(red, white or spring onions), soured cream, avocado, and red kidney beans in chili sauce in making a chicken burrito. Apart from those ingredients, they will also make their dish using vegetable oil and mixed vegetables of their choosing, which may include corn kernels, carrots, and red pepper.

That said, chicken burritos are quite delicious and filling, not to mention that they are incredibly light, making for a perfect lunch delicacy. While chicken burritos are as healthy as the ingredients you choose, a typical dish is high in sodium and contains just the right amount of calories you need to consume at lunch. Furthermore, the dish is also a good source of protein and carbs, which contribute directly to good health. 

  1. Deep-Fried Swordfish Chunks, French Fries and Vegetable Salad with a Glass of Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

For french fry and fish lovers, there is no dish more perfect for lunch than deep-fried swordfish chunks, french fries, and vegetable salad. Suitable with a glass of fresh passion fruit juice, this dish is not only tasteful and flavorful, but it is also quite filling and easy to digest. 

Found in shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Atlantic ocean, swordfish is one of the best-tasting fishes in the world. Apart from that, the fish is a perfect source of selenium, a micronutrient associated with heart-health-improving and cancer-fighting benefits. Additionally, swordfish is rich in proteins and loaded with loaded Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B12, Omega-3, zinc, niacin, dietary fiber, and zinc, ingredients all of which contribute to good health. 

French fries, on the other hand, can be low in calories and high in carbs, depending on the cooking method. Apart from that, these deep-fried rectangular chunks of potatoes are a good source of potassium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin B-6, essential nutrients all of which are instrumental to good health. 

As far as vegetable salads go in terms of health benefits, these side dishes are rich in Vitamin C and remain excellent sources of phosphorus, dietary fiber, and Vitamin B1. That said, each nutrient contributes directly to good health

Final Thoughts

Spicy ground beef and pasta with a glass of wine, prawn noodle salad, and a glass of fresh juice, and lentil vegan soup, chicken burritos with a glass of orange juice are some of the most incredible lunch ideas you should try at home this spring. Apart from those, other lunch ideas to add to your bucket list are; deep-fried swordfish chunks, french fries, and vegetable salad with a glass of fresh passion fruit juice. Not only are these meals delicious and easy to prepare, but they are also healthy and rich in a variety of nutrients that contribute to good health.