Top 5 Underrated Shows About Love on Netflix

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Netflix releases more and more new shows every year. Some of them become very popular. Each of us has seen those shows and discussed them. But today we suggest you take a look at a selection of shows released by Netflix that are also worthy of your attention, although they are still not the most talked-about ones.

1. My Holo Love

It is about a young and beautiful girl So-Yong. For a long time, she considered herself unhappy because she couldn’t find the perfect guy who would match her in all respects. But times have changed, and love really came into her life. However, the chosen one was not quite a simple person: he was a hologram who amazed her with his content. That hologram attracted the girl so much that she began to forget that this was not a real person but a simple development. What to do now if the guy she likes isn’t real?

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2. All the Bright Places

Violet Marks is a high school student. She was always a very popular girl, had many friends but couldn’t cope with the trauma that remained after the death of her beloved older sister. She considered herself guilty of that accident. Unlike Violet, Theodore was never popular. The guy constantly thought about suicide because he wanted a different life. The fate of the students crossed once, and this happened at the moment when both tried to commit suicide in one place.

3. The Perfect Date

Brooks Rattigan just graduated from high school and decided not to waste time in vain but to earn some money. He has long dreamed of entering Yale University, but for this, it was necessary to get a certain amount. But once, fate gave him an incredible financial opportunity, and such work would definitely help to get the entire amount in a matter of months. One girl told Brooks that he could earn big money. He just needed to slightly change the circle of friends. And then the next day, his own page appeared on the network, which he called “The Perfect Guy.”

4. Falling Inn Love

Gabriela was a happy girl for a long time and believed that her relationship with her man would last a lifetime. But their paths diverged in different directions, and now, she was left completely alone, moreover, she lost her favorite job. These two blows injured her so badly that she couldn’t recover for a long time. But once, she decided to try her luck. She moved to a small house located in New Zealand. Arriving at the place, she realized that the house should be repaired to live there. Gaby invited Jake Taylor who was a good specialist and could quickly do all the work. Having met him, the girl simply didn’t know whether she should sell the house or just move to a new country and change everything in her life.

5. Holiday In The Wild

Mrs. Conrad is forty years old, and she has been married to a loved one for a long time. Living in a modern metropolis, she enjoyed life because she looked at everything from the point of view of positive. She and her husband have long had one dream for two – they wanted to go to mysterious Africa to see all that beauty with their own eyes. After Christmas, the couple was going to visit another continent for the first time, but the husband asked for a divorce, instead of buying the tickets. Kate couldn’t understand what happened between them because he had never even talked about the existing problems before. Resentment took possession of the woman, but she intended not to change plans and independently realize the dream. And a young and handsome guy went together with her.