TOP 6 Manga Boys Love in 2019

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Boys Love is a topic that always has a strong attraction when describing the love story of the boys.

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 If you are a Japanese Manga enthusiast, then you probably know the concept BL means Boys Love or Yaoi, a genre of manga mainly for women with content about gay relationships.

 Here is a collection of 6 beautiful love affair, full of all nuances from romance, tragedy, misery, happiness or “blood” that takes place in a space for couples.

 1. Sakura Gari

 Sakura Gari is a work of Watase Yuu, with a length of 3 episodes and was published in 2007. The story is a bit of a horror, mystery with mixed love stories.  A story that makes you feel tormented about the love of Masataka and Souma under the canopy of cherry blossom trees quietly falling in the dying wind.

 The main character, Tagami Masataka, is a poor, elite male who pursues his passion for studying in Tokyo and works as a maid in the prestigious Saiki clan.

 In that noble house was the young Souma, who was a noble Western beauty;  He is always haunted by the death of his late mother and holds a grudge against his first wife.

 Souma conceived and protected Masataka so that they would fall in love and be caught up in the whirlpool of crimes with mysterious deaths in the Saiki family.

 The love of Souma and Masataka is not only to satisfy desire but also to understand, sympathize and save each other between loneliness and burning desire for love.

 They lost their way in hatred and found each other in the light of love.  A beautiful but tragic, depressing and touching love afflicted with sadness in blood and tears.

 2. Do S Obake ga Nakasetekurenai

 This is a work full of surprises by the artist Tokishiba, a story released by Media Soft in 2016. The content is about a gay guy Yuuji who fell in love with a colleague but was crushed because he crushed to get married, borrowed alcohol to make him drunk.  and go home to bed.

 Strangely, he discovered that someone was doing something to his body and the criminal was Kousuke, a handsome, young ghost, only around the age of a high school student.

 Kousuke is a genuine S-blood type when he is very interested and fiercely cling to make love with Yuuji.  Kousuke appears as a soul, everyone thinks he died young but the truth is very different, in fact he is not a ghost but just a normal student, able to “escape” when sleeping by desires  intense of yourself.

 The story is labeled 18+ because of the rampage of “sticky meat” of the two male leads, the series is only concerned with the hot scene rather than the content but the work still scores by the trick readers are full of surprises.

 A good person, a real or a dream, must come to an end with a happy ending until the reader can fully understand the situation.  An entertaining work enough to satisfy fangirls who like to “eat salty” and love it.

 3. Hatsukoi no Tonari

 This is a light romantic work full of sweetness of Uno Yukiaki, has a length of 5 chapters and was released in 2016. The story revolves around the love of teacher Jinno and his former student Morimoto Shun.

 At that time, Jinno was a chemistry teacher at a high school, he helped Morimoto Shun, this made Shun fall in love with him and study hard.  Graduation day, Shun confessed to his teacher but Jinno misunderstood.

 Until four years later, Jinno accidentally met Morimoto when he became a neighbor and mature handsome, more experienced.  Morimoto offered to cook a dinner for the reunion and Jinno was immediately conquered by Morimoto’s cooking skills, ever since the start of the event “the fire near the straw has been long lasting” for the two of them to go home together.  a home.

 Hatsukoi no Tonari is very “peaceful” when there are no troublesome relationships, only having to work and spend days and nights together peacefully watching life pass smoothly.

 4. Asa to Mitya

 An extremely hot BL series by Billy Balibally was released in 2015 in Daria magazine.  The story belongs to the school romance genre with two cool and super beautiful main characters, Mitya and Asahiko.

 Mitya is a quiet male student with Russian-Japanese blood, he knows love at first sight when he sees Asahiko, a cold, mysterious classmate and enchanting charm.  Those two lonely people who come together consider the opponent to be god, everything is good to me.

 The story is depicted with beautiful lines, flexible and full of subtlety from the figure to the face of the character.  The content is not exhilarating but heavy with lots of violence and sexuality; honestly reflect the complex psychology of young people when learning how to love and how to grow up in the middle of a busy life with worries and sorrows.

 Asa to Mitya is a work worth reading but only suitable for adults aged 16+.

 5. Kimi ga Boku no Subete

 In the manga world, there are many interesting and unique stories and Nishida Higashi’s Kimi ga Boku no Subete is one of the unique stories that make people shocked in the whole episode.

 The story is that the guy Nabeshima had a crush on a beautiful lady in a certain coffee shop but sadly she was a married girl.  Nabeshima immediately went to find her husband to see what he was capable of stealing the beauty of his heart but unfortunately when he met his husband, Takeda, he felt strange vibrations.  Then Nabeshima fell in love with Takeda, a man who always frowned at him.

 Eventually, after days of holding the saw, Takeda object has fallen into Nabeshima’s heart and turned his wife into a beautiful woman.  A very interesting story about the journey to turn straight into the curve of two grown men.

 There are so many strange and new surprises in life that you will not know who you will be until you meet the true male destiny.

 6. No Touching at All

 This is the story of Yoneda Kou, published in September 2008, with the content about the love affair of the dark past employee Toshiaki Shima and his boss, Yousuke Togawa.

 On the first day of work Shima encountered a drunken man smelling in an elevator and it was Togawa, the superior who directly worked with him.  With the first impression is not good, Shima tries to deny Togawa’s pursuit, but whatever comes then it must come to the guy who nodded and went to eat with his boss and had a “one-night love”.

 From there, they began a relationship “in love in the dark”.  The two men care together, share and overcome the pain in the past, their love story is very beautiful and touching the world.

 No Touching at All has recreated the pain, the anxiety and torment in homosexual love and the attempt to eradicate emotional wounds in order to gain faith and hope for a good future of Shima and Togawa.  A work of sadness but also sweet deposition by sincere love from the heart of two men.

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