Breaking The Shells: 8 Unbelievable Historical Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drops

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Unbelievable Historical Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drops. Everyone may know about those cool historical facts that teachers teach inside the school. They are indeed fascinating. But did you know that some historical facts are not revealed throughout your school years? That stuff will make the entire history more exciting and will inevitably lead you to research for further information. Prepare yourself to be amazed at these following cool and amazing historical facts that will surely change your entire perspectives. 

A Solar Eclipse Ended A Six-Year War in 583 BCE

The vital role of solar eclipse before is one of the amazing facts everyone should know. Who thought that a single solar eclipse could end one of the most disastrous wars in history? The Battle of Halys or also known as the Battle of the Eclipse was the first-ever historical war where a solar eclipse appeared. According to Herodotus, the solar eclipse was predicted as an omen and stopped the war. 

Alexander the Great was Accidentally Buried

Alexander the Great was known as one of the most iconic military generals in history. He built the biggest land-based empire in the world that can be witnessed from the Balkans to Pakistan. In 323 BC, he became ill and passed after 12 days of suffering from pain. 

However, for the entire six days after he died, his body didn’t show any signs of decomposition. Scientists concluded that late Alexander was not actually dead when he was buried. He was just paralyzed because of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. 

Athletes In Ancient Olympics Performed Naked

To imitate their gods and clear some toxins from their skin, athletes before in ancient Olympics regularly performed in naked. In fact, “gymnastics” derived from the Ancient Greek terms “gymnasia,” which means “athletic exercise or training,” and from “gumnó that means “naked.” In general, “to exercise naked.” 

The U.S. Government Once Poisoned Alcohol

Despite its banning, people before in the United States continued to consume alcohol daily. Government officials were frustrated about this fact and decided to apply some dangerous action by poisoning the industrial drinks. After this Prohibition in 1993, this government program killed 10,000 people. 

The Mayan People Honored turkeys

Today, turkeys are one of the most favorite meals of Americans during Thanksgiving. But way back to 300 B.C., Mayan civilization honored these big birds and made them as a significant part during their religious rites. They believed that turkeys are for power and reputation. 

Forks Were Once Seen As Sacrilegious

Today, forks are widely used as eating utensils. But did you know that once in history, this particular utensil was seen as a sacrilegious? Why? Because according to some folks, forks are artificial hands and considered blasphemous to use during meals. 

Cleopatra Was Not Originally From Egypt

Cleopatra was Egypt’s last queen, but despite this common belief, she was not originally from the land of Egypt. Some historians proved that she was from Greece, and Cleopatra VII was the queen’s formal name. She was considered as one of the descendants of Alexander the Great. 

Abraham Lincoln Was A Licensed Bartender

Aside from being a champion in the wrestling field, Abraham Lincoln was also a certified bartender. The 16th U.S. president opened a bar in 1833 with his close friend named 

William F. Berry, and they called it Berry and Lincoln. However, the bar was closed because Berry, who once was an alcoholic, consumed most of the bar’s supplies. 

Thomas Edison Was Not The Inventor of Light Bulb

The common belief tells you the creator of the light bulb was a famous American inventor, Thomas Edison, but this is actually wrong. The real creator of the light bulb was Warren de la Rue, who originally invented it forty years before Edison took place. Warren de la Rue was a British inventor, astronomer, and chemist. Most of his works were for astronomical photography.


It is always good to do some research about that stuff that your school didn’t reveal. To make ourselves interested leads us to become a wiser man. Now that it is being uncovered, prepare yourself to share these facts and correct those misconceptions about history. As they, knowledge is power, and it must be shared for broader influence. Read about ActiveMyHome. Also check popeyes breakfast menu