Using Your Mobile Devices: Downloading Music From SoundCloud

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Music can relax our minds, excites us, and boost our energy. It can calm any individual even if bothered, and people can finish their tasks with happiness if they listen to music. There are moments that you’ll be disconnected to the internet, and you can’t stream on any music streaming apps, but no need to worry because people can use alternative ways to download their favorite music, especially on SoundCloud.

Besides this guide, people can also check out more ways on how to download music from SoundCloud. With that, here’s how you can download music from SoundCloud using your mobile devices.

Downloading SoundCloud Music to Your Android Device

Step 1: Download The SoundCloud App

If you want to download SoundCloud, you have to get it on Google Play or download its APK online. You have to ensure that you are downloading the legit SoundCloud app.

Step 2: Sign-in or Create a SoundCloud Account

If it is your first time using this application, then you need to create an account first. But if you already have a SoundCloud account, you only need to sign in with your old password and username.

Step 3: Pick The Audio or Song of Your Choice

To go on with the downloading of music from this application, you need to pick the song or audio that you want to download.

Step 4: Tap The Audio or  The Song That You Want

You need to play the SoundCloud audio or song that you want, then click its Share button. From there, users will see the “Copy Link” option, and they need to press that option. Just like the downloading process using your PC, you need to use some software or plugins.

Step 5: Download The SoundCloud Track of Your Choice

After pressing the “Copy Link” button, proceed to your music downloader or online converter. Paste that link to your converter or downloader and then tap “Download.” If you want to download more track, do the same process over again. The downloaded tracks will go directly to your Downloads folder. 

Downloading SoundCloud Music to Your iOS Device

Step 1: Download The SoundCloud App

Download the app on the App Store of your iOS device. Always ensure that the SoundCloud app that you are downloading is the legit one.

Step 2: Sign-in or Create a SoundCloud Account

If you are still new and unfamiliar in using this app, you need to create an account first. But if you have an existing account, sign in with your current password and username.

Step 3: Download a Free Music Download Application

There are many third-party applications with a similar title as Free Music Download, and that’s why you need to check if you have downloaded the right one. You need to use this third-party app in downloading SoundCloud music on iOS.

Step 4: Download Your Music Choice With The Free Music Download App

Within the application, there are a lot of categories to choose from. You can find the songs you want to download using their genres or search for them manually. After that, you’ll see the Downloadable section and in that section, download the songs by pressing “Download.”

Step 5: Use The Free Music Download as Your Music Player

Every MP3 that you download will go directly to the Files section, and you can use the third-party app as your MP3 player. All you have to do is press “Share” and click “Add to Playlist.”


You can now easily download the songs that you want from SoundCloud by following the steps given. Make sure that you enjoy every song when you play them and transfer them to your other device.