Vaddanam Designs and Vanki Designs: 5 Age Old Myths Busted

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Vaddanam Designs and Vanki Designs: 5 Age Old Myths Busted. If you have ever witnessed a South Indian wedding, you would have noticed that gold jewellery plays a pivot role. A perfect South Indian bride is incomplete without her gold harams, bangles, red bindi, flowers in her hair, Vaddanam, vanki and a bright coloured Kanjivaram saree. There is a lot of myth that revolves around Vaddanam and vanki designs. Let us look at a few common myths associated with these and explore the truth behind it.

Vaddanams Are Worn Only By Brides:

We often associate Vaddanam as an ornament that is worn by ladies only during weddings or special traditional occasions. While this holds true, but to a certain extent only. No doubt it is one of the heaviest ornament worn by the bride, her mother and sisters; however, there are chain model vaddanams available these days which are sleek and stylish. There can be single or multiple chains held by a pendant. This pendant usually has intricate work on it, and it is inspired by Indian temple jewellery design to retain the feel of our culture. These can be worn during social get-togethers, first birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations etc… to accentuate the beauty of your simple saree.

Vaddanams Can Be Worn Only with Sarees:

Now that’s an outright myth. Ladies its time that you changed this thought. These days the simple vaddanam designs or Kamar bandh as these are famously known in up north can be worn on your lehenga choli and even salwar kameez to hold the chunni in place.

Vaddanam Is a Rigid Belt:

The traditional vaddanam designs are rigid plain gold belts or gold belts with carvings of deities like Goddess Lakshmi, Ramaprivaar, Lord Ganesha, lotus, paisley, peacock etc… Some of them have pearl and golden orbs hangings to give it a heavy look which adds to the allure of a new bride. Designers have innovated even these vaddanam designs and have brought a wave of change by introducing 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 vaddanam designs. These designs incorporate a chain instead of a belt model and this chain has a detachable pendant to it along with links. So, this can be worn as a vaddanam, it can be worn as a long and short haram and even the pendant can be used with other chains! Now isn’t this ground-breaking!

Vaddanams are Expensive As It Uses a Lot of Gold: It a myth that light weight vaddanams are not available and all the vaddanam designs are made in higher weights only. One look at vaddanam collection at vaibhavjewellers and your opinion is sure to change. They have a range of vaddanam designs which suits all pockets.

Vanki is An Arm Ornament Only: You must be wondering why is this a myth? Well, vanki is definitely an ornament which is adorned by women on their upper arm. Its typical inverted V shape has been inspired by the coiled snake centuries ago, when snakes were worshipped by our ancestors. It’s one accessory that fits any arm as it is flexible. However, the latest designs of vanki’s are made with detachable chains and extra links which enables one to use it as a bracelet or even as a choker.

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