Confused About Which Is The Best Time to Visit Vietnam and Cambodia? Read This…

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Plan An Exotic Trip By Finding Out The Best Time To Visit Vietnam and Cambodia

Tourist planning a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia often come up with the following questions:

  1. What is the best time of the year to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?
  2. Would it be advisable to visit the countries during the rains? 
  3. How should we plan a tour to the Vietnam and Cambodia tours in Summers? 
  4. How will the weather be in these countries?

Little do people know about the recent favourite tourist destinations Vietnam and Cambodia, they always approach a tour operator with a dilemma about their visit. Well, to clear the air, we would say, both the countries vary largely in the geographic characteristics, and the climate patterns vary throughout the year. 

The breathtaking landscapes, tropical fruits, and varied cultures of these countries offer ample opportunities to travellers. If you are looking out for an authentic experience during your trip, it is advisable to know certain things beforehand. In this write-up, we have tried to simplify and give the answers to all questions so that you can easily pick up your travel dates. So, let’s start it. 

Best time to visit Vietnam:

Vietnam extends almost a thousand miles starting right from north of Sapa to the south of Mekong Delta. Even though it is located in the tropical region, the country experiences four various seasons and three different climatic zones. The four different seasons are North, Northcentral, dry, and rainy season. 

If you are planning to visit the capital Hanoi, expect the climate to be hot and humid, with high rainfall between May to October. It is the best balance of temperature that you can expect in the city that allows you to enjoy the locations pleasantly. However, the climate gets cooler and dry starting from November and continues till April. 

The central of Vietnam has a high level of rainfall between September to November. Southern Vietnam is dry and soggy and usually has a higher temperature as compared to the other areas of the country. 

If you ask us the best time to visit Vietnam, then, our answer is, 

Visit North Vietnam between October to December, which is the best time for the foreign tourist because, after that, the winter prevails, making it foggy and chilling cold in the region. 

However, if you are planning to visit the “frosty city”, Sapa, the weather is seasonal. The temperature reaches around 29 degrees in the summer (check before you land), but the winters are really cold. It is the only city that experiences snow. The best time to visit Sapa is March and April and later between October & November.

Now time to discuss the best time to visit the scenic destination of Halong Bay. You can feel and experience the cool breeze during the Spring and the Autumn season. Winters may get too cold to float and explore on the cruise. Hence, plan your visit between March and May, to get the best of the experiences. 

Best time to visit Cambodia:

Well, it would be easier for you to plan a trip to Cambodia than Vietnam. The reason being, the country is located in the tropical regions on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. The tropical climate influences a lot of tourists throughout the year. The country experiences two distinct seasons, Dry and Wet. The dry season lasts from October till April, and wet starts from May till September. 

Cambodia’s temperature is quite high as compared to the other southeastern countries, and the average temperature is between 24 degrees to 26 degrees. 

It would be advisable to visit Siem Reap between November to March when the temperature is cooler and drier. If you wish to experience the lush green landscapes and refreshing afternoon, visit between May and October.

You can visit Tonle Sap Lake between July and December when you will find water levels high in the lake and give you a class-apart experience. 

Do not visit Battambang during the rains because it would be really difficult for you to travel on unpaved roads, which may lead to accidents. The best time to visit Battambang would be the dry season.

Phnom Penh would definitely be on the top list of places for your Vietnam holiday deals. The preferable time to visit Phnom Penh is between November to February. However, if you land up in summers, you won’t find shopping malls and centres with air-conditioning for you to escape the scorching heat. 

Now it’s time to discuss Cambodia’s favourite tourist destination Kep and Sihanoukville. You can visit there between November and April when the sun rises beautifully, giving you a pleasant temperature of around 24 degrees. 

If you are planning some adventurous activities like scuba, in the crystal clear water, visit these beaches in December or in between till June. 

Also, it would be great if you note down the festival dates of Cambodia before you actually land up in the foreign land. 

In the month of April, Cambodian New Year, Choul Chnam Thmey falls and is celebrated for three days. In September and October, the Pchum Ben festival is celebrated. Bon Om Touk is celebrated in the month of November.

Now that you know enough about the weather for your Vietnam Cambodia tour, start packing your bags for the amazing tours this holiday season. Check the packages with the tour operator and book yourself a fair deal of holidays!