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Get a Rented Flat or Villa in Noida Just at a Click

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Get a Rented Flat or Villa in Noida Just at a Click. Among all the top cities in India that have been the major hubs for real estate business, Noida is one such city that holds a lot of prospects in terms of real estate development. It is one of the most attractive realty markets that have made profitable ways for all real estate companies in Noida. With ever-improving infrastructure, culture, lifestyle, and job opportunities, people are willing to migrate to Noida as well as Greater Noida to live the life of their dreams.

Another reason for people opting for cities like Noida is the development of metro facilities that ease transportation and commutation to a great extent. The metro facility has made effective connectivity between Noida and Greater Noida including NCR. Moreover, big organizations and business houses have been setting up units in Noida and this has led to an increase in job opportunities. Due to all these factors, Noida has become the latest destination for a perfect home.

Let me share my own experience with you. Although I have been born and brought up in a small town in Orissa, yet I have always wanted to migrate to some of the happening cities in India like that of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. I always felt that these cities are so full of life. I used to work in an IT company in Bhubaneswar and lived with my family here.

All of a sudden, last year, I had the opportunity of working with a company that had its head office in Noida, and soon after I had to relocate to Noida within a month of joining this new company. It was just last year around this time when I first came to Noida. In the initial days, I managed to stay with a relative at Patparganj and as I had an early shift, I had to leave for office quite early. Moreover, the distance was quite time-consuming and after a certain point in time, I felt the need for a place near my office in Noida. I knew I could get 1BHK flat on rent in Noida, but the only concern was finding one that would be feasible in every way.

I still remember the struggling days when I used to go searching for a rented place either after office or by taking a leave from the office. It was becoming so hectic for me to travel to and fro from Patparganj to Noida daily and wasting so much time and energy. Nothing seemed to work out for me at that time and my mental state was such that I could not concentrate on work.

Later one day, my boss who is an extremely helpful person, called me to his cabin to see my disturbed state and after hearing me out he suggested I to give it a try on a housing website, i.e., Since I had searched on these kinds of websites earlier, I hardly felt any better with his suggestion. However, I thought of giving it a try for his sake. To my surprise, while I surfed through the website, I realized the difference with other websites. What caught my attention were the unique features and filters on this website:

  • The endless list of 1BHK flats on rent in Noida and even villas in Noida providing you with numerous options to choose from.
  • Your preference as Type of flat – 1BHK, 1RK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, including spacious villas in Noida.
  • One can give a filter like Type of property (Flat, Independent house, Apartment, Studio, Duplex, Penthouse, Villa.)
  • Accurate Built-up area for your ease of choice
  • Possession type whether ready to move or under construction.
  • The ad whether posted by agent, owner himself or developer.
  • All available amenities within the property such as gyms, garden area, swimming pool, parking, and gated community.
  • One has the option of selecting the number of bathrooms.
  • The exact locations and landmarks of the property for you to decide on your convenience.
  • Exact pictures and images of the properties have been shared on the website for you to take a real-life feel of the property.
  • Available options of villas in Noida for families who prefer to live in such a luxurious way.

Initially, I did not believe what my boss suggested as I had earlier experiences with such websites. But now I am thankful that I took his advice and proceeded with it because not all websites are the same for sure. As per his suggestion, while looking for a perfect place to rent I followed the following steps:

  • I visited the Housing .com website through the URL –
  • Then I logged in by registering myself on the website through my Google account, one can use any email id but Google account is easier to access. Having a personal account is always preferable for varied reasons.
  • As I had the requirement for only myself, I preferred a 1BHK flat on rent in Noida.

Soon after initiating my search I shortlisted quite a few of them as per my preference and went to check them out one after the other. Finally, I had settled with a 1BHK flat nearby my office area and felt so relaxed after such a long time. It was a perfect place for me and it had everything as mentioned on the website. All the information on the website was true to the core and I was amazed at the uniqueness of the website.

The website is so easy to surf through as it will provide you with all the possible options and filters. You just need to give your preferences in terms of the filters and the website will provide all the available options. Since I have benefited from using this website, I would like that everyone else knows about the uniqueness of the website. That is why I preferred sharing my experience with you so that just like me someone else’s dream may also come true.