Heart Melting Custom Charters In St Thomas

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An ideal vacation in the Virgin Islands would normally comprise of having a private and customized sailing charter in St Thomas and St John where you can enjoy the Caribbean breeze see the eye-soothing views of lush green mountains surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Having a sailing charter in St Thomas like jester increases your chances of having a fun vacation along with the perfect weather conditions during the year.

Broadly, sailing charters come in the categories of two; full-day and half-day trips. But one can have them customized according to their likings if they want sunset sails or dinner cruises. The tranquil beauty of the Virgin Islands shows up when the sun goes down and the stars come out.

A customized charter may include amenities like an open bar, snorkeling, lunch, and other facilities. What makes a custom charter in St Thomas much more preferred includes these top 5 reasons which you can’t resist to book a private charter like a jester in the Virgin Islands:

The Sailboats:

You can customize and choose the boat that fits your needs. If you are low on funds then you can even apply for Boat Finance, For that, you can get more information here.  Usually, a boat takes 12 people by do you plan on having a roomy and comfortable boat that can take more guests but also maintain overall stability during the sails? You can choose any of the best boats that are made to perform in the offshore conditions, one that can cope up with the high winds and rough sea conditions.

Who wouldn’t want a boat that is inspected and rated by the Virgin Islands registry and has an inspection certificate that allows more members on the boat? You can book a customized boat from sailing charters like jester that offers its visitors with comfortable bean bag chairs, easy access for swimming and snorkeling, high-quality stereo and freshwater showers with a lot of storage and coolers for beverages.

Makes Easy Trips:

To have a hassle-free vacation is the ultimate goal. How pleasant would it sound if sunset sailing charters like jester do all the paperwork and collect customs information beforehand to alleviate your vacations time for enjoying?

So all you have to do is reach the destination, have a splendid vacation set right in front of you and have fun. No hassles about wandering and searching for the boat of captain as all your worries will be alleviated for you to be at ease and enjoy in the best way!

A Variety of Inclusions

One of the best Custom Charters St Thomas like jester would include an array of reasons to choose them, one of those being their inclusions. Private and customized charters make the vacations for their guests worthwhile by offering bottled water, ice, painkiller, the local rum, snorkeling gears, pool noodles, and an amazing stereo system with blue tooth capabilities along with that includes their setup of comfortable bean bag seating arrangements and freshwater showers.


One of the things people search for in a custom charter is their flexibility to be prepared for any customized demands from their guests. Usually, the charters captains provide their guests with the roughly estimated journey schedule as the day begins considering all the weather conditions and understanding that the schedule may take a change at any point of the journey. Many reasons may occur like weather or the guests who would want to have an extra dive or snorkel or may want to change any plan. Regardless, the best charters like jester would make any adaptations with your plans and make sure that it goes well.

The Captains

Captains play an important role in make the visitor’s holiday experience memorable. Only captains with years of experience can have sailing stories to tell their visitors in St Thomas. Custom charters can become more fun with the fun and responsible captains who will make sure about the safety and fun of their group on the waters.

Captains who get along with every age group including kids and adults, as well as party groups and snorkelers, are the ones everyone wishes for in a custom charter in St Thomas.

To avail, the service of expert and knowledgeable captains and crew members one can easily research through the featured charters like sailjester for more understanding of what they offer!