Warning Signs of Ovarian Cysts Women Should Not Overlook

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Living a healthy life is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, we experience some health complications at some point in our lives. For instance, Garden City ovarian cysts have become a common problem affecting most women’s well-being. The condition is accompanied by some signs and symptoms that may worsen or cause other complications if untreated. If you are yet to know any of these signs, do not worry because this article examines some of them. Below are some warning signs of ovarian cysts that women should not ignore.

Pelvic Pain

The pain occurs in the lower belly, a sign of an infected tract or gastrointestinal complications. Ovarian cysts are common causes of pelvic pain, whereby the pain is dull and sharp. In some time, the pain may come back and disappear. In most cases, ovarian cyst-related tends to worsen during the menstrual period. The hormones developed during this period can enlarge the ovarian cyst triggering pain.

Sore Bowel Movements

Bathroom habits give us an outstanding signal that the body is not working appropriately. Sometimes the cyst may cause pain because it brings pressure on the bowel, bladder, and stomach leading to an increased desire to urinate. The pain is sharp and can be intimidating. Therefore, consult your healthcare provider for examination and treatment if your pain persists.

Pain during Sex

Whenever cysts occur, they add extra pressure to an already over-congested uterus. As a result, when having sex, you add more stress and strain that is in excess for the womb to handle. The pressure can sometimes contribute to pain, even with a small penetration. If you experience such pain during sex, it is high time you contact your provider for further checkups.

Unpredicted Bleeding

Unexpected bleeding occurs with the occurrence of ovarian cysts, and it may be a signal of a severe problem. In some cases, hormones concealed from cysts can make your menstrual period severely abnormal or heavy. However, it may not indicate you have a cyst, but the bleeding could require medical attention. Your healthcare specialist can detect and address bleeding irregularities preventing the development of further complications.

Speedy Breathing

When you notice you are breathing more rapidly than normal, you may be having signs of sepsis. The situation occurs as the immune system tries to prevent infection, causing inflammation and damage to the body. A broken ovarian cyst can contribute to infections and trigger such a type of immune response, meaning you should get instant medical attention if you experience this symptom.

Nausea and Vomiting

Since nausea and vomiting are common to everyone, most people underestimate them as potential signs of ovarian cysts. However, more severe cysts can lead one or both ovaries to get twisted, contributing to pain and nausea in some instances. A significant population of women links nausea and vomiting related to cysts to morning sickness. However, you should consult your healthcare provider for examination if you have nausea and vomiting.

Untreated ovarian cysts can contribute to several health complications, including ovarian torsion and rupture. Do not wait until your signs worsen to look for treatment. Visit Women’s Healthcare Of Garden City in New York. At the center, gynecologist John Gomes offers compassionate diagnoses and removal of ovarian cysts reducing symptoms and risk of other complications. Visit the center or call their offices to schedule an appointment today.