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How to Wash Stairs the Right Way

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Wash Stairs the Right Way

Stair washing of a commercial place like an office, schools or other building is one of the difficult cleaning tasks which demands proper efficiency to get sparkling floors. For different types of floor and staircase you need the cleaning assistance accordingly. Certainly carpeted stairs, wooden or marble stairs and spiral staircase are different from each other hence you need to pick the right strategy to clear out all the stains, and mark from it. In this post and if you are up for a deep clean session, this article is just for you.

Start form the basic cleaning

In Commercial Cleaning you want everything more. Take up a broom for a sweeping tool that is capable of handling larger dust and junk without breaking halfway. No matter how badly you want to clean up, you should always do the first thing first. Sweep the area and remove the door mats that are there. Vacuum and clean the stairs and make sure there is no large junk on the way that can create the hindrance. Clean every step and pay extra attention to the corners.

Scrub it gentle

Next come scrubbing the stains and marks if there are any. For stains use the right cleaning agent. Watch out if there is any oily spill or gum on the staircase step. Scrubbing the railing and stairs steps is not only important but also plays a major role in removing stains and marks. For wise scrubbing use the double bucket strategy. Do not go too hard while scrubbing as it can be damaging to the stairs. Usually, the commercial places use delicate artwork which should be dealt with care.

Clean the narrow pars and walls

Yes, it comes under stair cleaning.  Make 100% sure that no dust stays on the walls and around. Like mentioned above, use the cleaning agent like disinfecting on the railing of the stairs as it is where most people touch to hold. Clean it to avoid germs. For wall cleaning use a light feather duster and remove cobweb and large masses of dust especially if the walls have intricate design on it.

Choose Cleaning Stairs with Preference 

For commercial cleaning and washing of stairs you need to be professional. While hiring a cleaning service is an ideal solution to get desired results you can also be efficient if you know the how-to guide.

 Sleek metal stairs (Interior)

For instance if you are cleaning the interior staircase that has been designed end with metal the sleek and stylish approach is what you will come across with. Therefore, use a high-quality microfiber wipe to a disposable dusting cloth to get rid of each pet hair, dust particle and dirt nicely.

Use a spray bottle filled with warm water and cleaning liquid, maybe a dishwasher if the fingerprints and muddy footprints are not too stubborn. Remember not to use harsh cleaning chemicals as you don’t want to ruin the delicacy of the staircase.

Wood Staircases (Exterior)

A staircase that is situated outside is rather tough. With temperature bearing capacity it is pretty much durable already. Still, for cleaning you need to start by sweeping the excess dirt first. Use pressure wash to nook and corners and then mop it clean.

Cleaning and washing stairs is what makes the place inviting. As a cleaning person, your job is to make effective and proper dirt removal guaranteed and for that hiring a staff wouldn’t let you down. While you wash stairs make the high trafficking area a highlighted clean and use disinfecting product to door knobs and handles.

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