The Best Natural Way to Clean Baby Bottles

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The Best Natural Way to Clean Baby Bottles. When you have a baby on board, it is the best feeling in the world. But with the baby, comes the additional care you have to take. Learning how to feed a baby can be a huge task but it is a huge excitement always. The parents need to make sure that the baby bottles are clean and hygienic to use. This means that they should simply follow some steps which will result in some squeaky clean level of the cleanliness with hot water. Hence, if you want to make sure as to how to clean baby bottles here are a few ways to learn.

Always remember that there is a deadly combination of baking soda and hot water or vinegar and hot water. These two combos can overcome any dirty vessel or help in a pristine level of cleanliness.

Using baking soda

When you are up to cleaning something, the magic ingredient is baking soda. There are so many ways but this is the best way. Use some hot water in a big pot; add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Then stir this mixture well and place all the baby bottles in it. You are supposed to keep the whole night and make sure the baking soda is removed out of the pot completely. After this, the parts can dry on the paper towel. After that, you can use the bottles directly or keep them back where they belong.

Using natural soap

When you do not have baking soda, another option is to scrub the bottles with the natural soap and a bottle brush. This takes care of the complete cleaning of the residue. Make sure to do it in hot water so that the bottles can get sterilized. Use a small detachable brush to clean the nipples as the bacteria is often hidden here. Not only that part but all the parts of the bottles should also be clean. You can rinse them with the best baby bottle soap too.

Using vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda are the two best cleaning agents and if not baking soda, you can use the vinegar. What you can do is make a mixture of boiled water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Vinegar is mild acetic acid which can help in eradicating milk odors or kill the germs.

If you are thinking of washing the bottles so well that the sweet milk smell is gone then here is what to do:

First, wash the inside of the bottle by sign only hot or boiled water. After this, use natural soap, hot water or bottle brush. Then, rinse this bottle and fill this halfway with a mixture of some baking soda and hot water. Rinse it well and check if the milk smell is gone. You can repeat this process until you find it satisfactory.

How to properly take care of the baby bottles?

Not just washing and sanitizing them, there are lots of other things that are to be done to keep the bottles free of dirt and germs. Remember that the bacteria thrive where there is humidity. Hence, the bottles, valves and they should be completely dry. Note that you are here to learn how to give the best to your baby. You are supposed to keep all the bottle parts clean using natural soap or the best baby bottle soap . Have a drying rack at home which can give the baby bottles a place to dry. It will also give you some peace of mind.

These are just the cleaning methods and not sterilization methods. You have to follow the recommendations of the NHS which advocate that the bottles need to be sterilized till your baby is 12 months old.

In addition to this, do not wash them directly in the sink. Use a clean basin or a container where you can pour hot water solution in the bottles and rotate the baby bottle brush. You have a special nipple brush to clean the nipples and the nipple hole. Flush out any kind of trapped milk in the hole and then rinse them nicely using running water. You can use the sanitized tongs to remove the bottles and place them on the drying rack or dish drainer.


Therefore, sanitizing feeding items is required regularly. It may not be needed for the older babies but the younger babies who are less than 3 months; they need their baby bottles cleaned every day. Wash the baby basin before you wash the baby bottles. Sanitize the basin by boiling the basin for 5 minutes. Then, you need to remove the items with clean tongs and place them in a clean dish towel to clean the area so that it air dries before you store the baby bottles.