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Ways to Satisfy Your Obsession for Granite Material

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While some may claim that the granite craze is gradually fading away, you don’t have to believe them. Many people are still fond of this luxurious and hard surface, and it looks evident when you tour their house. This specific feature can proudly pop up throughout the layout. Earlier, it may have had its place mainly in the kitchen and bathroom, and that too in a limited shape and form. Today, you can achieve a lot with this in your overall home interiors. Here are some ideas for you to explore quickly. 


The strength and long-lastingness of this surface make it an apt choice for flooring. It can maintain its shine throughout, due to which your home can always feel fresh and new. If you or your family has allergy problems, you can again rely on this for its bacteria-resistant trait. For a seamless look, you can use only one type of granite. However, there is an option to create patterns, also. You can mix and match different colors of granite stones to indulge in this. Since it tends to be a little slippery, you may want to install the unpolished surface for safety. Maintenance cannot be an issue with this; mopping with a damp cloth can be more than enough.

Kitchen sink

Granite is not a stranger to the kitchen environment. But it most commonly features in countertops. Now you can use it as a sink also. As it is non-porous, scratch-proof, heat resistant, and durable, you can trust it to bear all the load of your kitchen work. Along with functionality, it can also impress you and your guests with its beautiful look. For an idea, you can browse through the collection of granite composite from Kraus

Usually, sinks contain lots of germs. But you don’t have to worry about this when you use a granite sink. It is a hygienic material that doesn’t allow any bacterial growth to happen. Hence, you can get one in undermount or drop-in form, as per your wish.

Walls and shelves

Do you feel you could do with some more touches of granite in your home? Then, you can add accent shelves in the bathroom and kitchen. You don’t have to buy this material for this purpose. Just use the remnants to create a stand; its sturdiness and strength would not allow it to crumble under pressure. If you have a modern theme in mind, it would be better to select polished granite. However, for a rustic or traditional look, the unfinished one can make an ideal pick.

Vanity top and bathroom walls

Bathrooms tend to be one of the busy corners of the house. They have to tolerate moisture, heat, dirt, and all the unwanted things. Hence, these places need to be healthy. Since walls play an essential part in this, you can cover them with granite for protection. It would fight mold and wetness. And as it is non-porous, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and other germs. Plus, it can quickly impart a plush feeling to this most private part of the house.

Similarly, you can choose it for the vanity top, where a sink would go. Vanity countertops can take up tremendous weight. So again, there can’t be any worries about it.

You can find them in many exciting colors in darker or lighter tones. In a smaller bathroom, using subdued colors would help create a sense of spaciousness. A bigger bathroom can look opulent in a darker shade.

Dining table

Usually, glass and wood make the common choices for a dining table. For a bit of touch of dynamism and novelty, you can select a granite table for your dining needs. The table can consist of only one slab or a mix of them. Since this surface is well-known for its heat resistance, you can place hot pots and other utensils on it directly. Its strength will never disappoint you as long as you are reasonable with its use.

Art pieces 

If you thought about what else you could do with this surface, here is an idea. While it may have easily claimed its position in the bathroom and kitchen already and rightly so, you can make space for it in your bedroom or living room too. Granite art pieces can become the central focus no matter where you add it. Imagine getting it in striking colors of red or blue. Put a colorful slab in any location of the wall in your room or living area and witness the energy to transform.

Besides, tabletop decorations can also include this material. Buy granite chips for tray or bowl. If you don’t want to spend on it, look around for remaining pieces of the granite and carve a tray out of it. It can help you ditch a plastic tray. Nowadays, people use it in mosaic art because of its versatile colors, design, and style.

Like this, you only have to examine every nook and cranny of your happy nest to find a place for the granite. Once installed, you would be the proudest owner of this luxurious and healthy surface in your house. From modern to classic, granite can blend with any theme easily. Even if you cannot go all out with this option for expensive pricing, you can choose a few spots to incorporate it. For example, adding a granite kitchen sink can be the most convenient option. And when the budget is not an issue, you can take a more creative approach. Granite art pieces, flooring, and other such things can feature in your list of home improvement.

So, what are you waiting for now? You don’t need to have an obsession with it to give it a try. You can pick it for its rich and robust appeal. Then, its hygienic characteristic can be another reason you would want to have it in your home. As hinted already, the budget can be the barrier. But you can play with these ideas at your convenience without going for extensive work at one go.