Ways To Save Money On Monthly Expenses This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner. For most adults, this means higher expenses. The high temperatures will result in you using the air conditioner, which will increase your energy bill. If you have children, you’ll have to cover the cost of summer camp or adjust your budget to include things like energy bills, groceries, and entertainment if they’re staying home. If covering these added expenses causes you financial strain, there are practical solutions you could consider. 

Shop Around For The Best Rates

You can’t get around some expenses, like your mortgage or your home and auto insurance. If these things take up the bulk of your budget for the summer, it may be time to shop around for better rates. For instance, you may find that going with Plymouth Auto Insurance saves you $100 a month compared to your current policy. Similarly, refinancing could get you better interest rates and increased savings if you’ve had your mortgage for a while. It may also be worth it to take advantage of installment loans to build credit so you have more rainy day funds in the future.

Conserve Energy

If the energy bill increases during the summer, you have options to bring it down. By conserving your energy consumption, you can save several bucks on your utility bill. It doesn’t take much to accomplish this goal. You can turn off lights, unplug unused devices, or install ceiling fans to give your air conditioners a break. 

Prepare Affordable Meals

Grocery bills can get out of hand in the summer. The kids are no longer in school, so you’re responsible for covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can keep the cost of food low by preparing affordable meals. Eating raw foods is better for your health. It’s also ideal during the summer when it’s too hot to cook indoors. Making sandwiches and salads for lunch or serving fresh fruits and veggies during snack time can significantly cut your grocery bill. 

Walk Where You Can

Instead of taking the car everywhere this summer, walk when you can. Walking is excellent for exercise, the weather is just right, and it will save you a ton of gas. Whether you walk the kids to summer camp or commute to work on foot, the savings will add up quickly. If your destination isn’t within walking distance, you can always ride a bike instead. 


Taking a vacation is expected during the summer. If you want to get away but don’t have a large budget to work with, you can take a mini-vacation. It’s still time away from the house, but the duration is often overnight or an extended weekend. You can select a nearby destination to reduce travel expenses and simply explore cities in your state. Ensure that you check for coupons and discounts you can take advantage of to make your trip more affordable. Mini-vacations provide the same benefits as a traditional getaway, and they won’t break the bank. 

Free or Cheap Entertainment

When you’re not working, and the kids are home from school, chances are you’re going to need some form of entertainment. Other than watching television and playing video games, there are plenty of activities for families to enjoy in the summer. You can take a trip to the park, hit the beach, schedule a playdate, or host an outdoor event in your backyard. 

Around this time of year, many communities host events that are free or cheap for residents. You can go to a festival, listen to music, try new foods, get on rides, or shop various vendors. If you’re looking for some adult fun, there are often street fairs and outdoor concerts performed by local artists you can attend. 

Covering monthly expenses is challenging year-round. However, the summer months seem to be some of the most costly. Rather than staying indoors and watching television all season, look into opportunities to save. Whether you conserve energy, cook affordable meals, go on a mini-vacation, or participate in free and cheap events in the community, it can free up cash you can use to have a good time.