5 Ways to Style Your White Dress

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When it comes to finding something classy which is in fashion, and an all-time favorite, then there nothing better than a white dress. It can be worn numerous times. The best part is that you can wear it without monotony by styling it differently each time you wear it! You can either dress up or down with it, wear it from day to night, splash it with colors, keep it glam or just simply rock it. There are about a million ways to jazz it up but to keep it short and easy for you we have compiled the trendiest ways!

So get ready to transform the most underestimated yet invaluable item in your closet by styling it in these ways:

Pair it with a Jacket

A jacket instantly takes your look to another level. The combo of jackets, especially denim with white dresses are straight out of Hollywood. The jacket not only adds a splash of color and breaks up the head to toe white but also adds a rustic feel to the overall look. They do not completely weigh down the overall look of the white dress but keep it light and chic at the same time. 

For the nineties feel, go for light wash cropped jackets with rolled-up sleeves and for an urban look, go for sharp cuts and bold colors. For an even more classy touch, choose a dark leather jacket. By just changing the color and cut of the jacket you can achieve any vibe you want with your white dress and add just the right amount of edge. This style is well-suited for casual gatherings such as hanging out with friends and colleagues, etc.

Pairing with Boots, Boho Handbag, and Hat

If you want to make heads turn without covering your white dress, just don some sexy boots, carry a Boho handbag and top the look with a hat. This will give you a summery feel along with some fieldish beauty. It is the best definition of keeping it simple yet sexy. So if you don’t always want to look prim and proper then go for this oversized fedora and rough-and-tumble boots with bag look. 

Just make sure that the hat you choose, flatters your face and the color is light such as white or khaki to blend it with the whole outlook. Secondly, go for comfy boots but they must have a hint of naughtiness to them. They should be bold or they wouldn’t match with the overall impression. This style is perfect for outdoor adventures and picnics which require both class and a hint of daringness! It shows how free-spirited you are!

Wearing Dainty Accessories

If you buy a white dress top to feel breezy and want to feel light, then make dainty accessories your best friend. They are perfect and don’t make you look over or underdressed and gives you a flair. They are ideal for a relaxed flowy style as they add a charming touch to white dresses. These accessories are neither bold nor very glamorous but they make a statement on their own. They are unique and make you stand out in your white dress. For example, just tying a lacy scarf around your neck, or adorning exquisite pendants, bangles, or earrings, or carrying a simple yet elegant crossbody bag, etc. The key is to keep it light and delicate so that you look cute but in a structured manner. Styling in this way is suitable while having a break, on vacations, and usually while strolling the streets!

Donning a Belt, High Heels, and Killer Clutch

This style converts your simple white dress into a killer model look. It adds an unexpected touch of glam and gets your evening ready for turning heads! It has serious potential just like a little black dress, to hit the mark. The belt will hold the dress in all the right places, emphasizing your figure while the heels will do the talking for you, and the clutch shines all the way. It is an evening look for women who wish to portray their boldness but don’t want to overdo it. It is the perfect solution for heading from your desk to a cocktail event. It is also a perfect way to steal hearts both on dates and in clubs! It is an elevated look that screams diva all the way.

With Nude Accessories, Spectacles, and Peep-toe Shoes

If you want to look all prim and proper with your white dress so that you can utilize it the most, then pair it up with nude colors, spectacle, and peep-toe shoes. Overall, this look is the most feasible and favored one as it can be pulled off anywhere and everywhere; from funerals and tea parties to even office meetings. This look is for those who want to attend formal gatherings and want to keep it as simple as possible. This outfit couldn’t be more perfect for heading off to places where you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

So be it strolling on the beach, attending meetings, going on dates, or even family gathering, the white dress can save the day. Just use these 5 ways to adorn it as per the occasion and rock the style without spending a penny!