Indian Wedding Decor Themes For 2020 Weddings

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Wedding Decor Themes For 2020 Weddings. It is the 20th century and couples love to add a personal touch to their wedding. Something both of them could relate to or a theme they would like to keep for their wedding. And, by now we have come across so many Indian wedding themes that every time we see a theme wedding, we are stunned by how hard couples and their wedding planners are working. Each and everything, be it the decor, couple outfits, wedding invites, or wedding favors are in sync with the theme of the wedding. Here are some Indian wedding decor themes that you can surely pick for your wedding:

The perfect blend of yellow and white

Yellow and white make the perfect combination for a summer wedding. Adding a similar shade of flowers can amp up the vibe also you can use this combo for wedding invitations and favors.

Look for a wedding venue keeping in mind the decor theme you want to go with. Find the best banquet hall in Delhi which matches your wedding decoration idea.

Give your pre-wedding event a beach vibe

Tepee decor is so gorgeous and so much in trend. It changes the vibe of the Indian wedding to a beach wedding. Imagine having a sangeet night with decor like this. It will be amazing.

Maharaja decor for a royal wedding

This Sabyasachi inspired maharaja decor is talking about history and how royal the wedding is. You can keep your seating, lights, and ambiance very regal corresponding to the decor.

A tropical Indian wedding theme

The green wedding has become a trend for 2019 and we love how couples are taking this trend to new and exciting levels. Look how beautifully the plants are used for tabletop decor. Sometimes a little extra doesn’t hurt especially when it is this beautiful. 

Keeping it subtle with some colors and crafts

You might be old enough to get married, but there is always a kid inside who loves colors and crafts. So, why not fulfill your dreams at your wedding. Have a colorful yet simple looking decor for your wedding with some craft and origami.

A wedding theme is a new concept and we love how religious couples are following it. The effort and hard work they put in to make their wedding a grandeur affair is what makes each of them and their wedding special.