Wedding Essentials: 6 Things You Need To Have On The List

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Wedding Essentials: 6 Things You Need To Have On The List. The wedding date is set and NOW the preparation madness is going to slither into your life! There are florists to choose, photographers to shortlist and the wedding outfit needs to be picked. There is so much on your mind that you might just forget the most essential things.

Here we are! We have made a list of the 6 Things You Need To Have on the List. These are the wedding essentials that you must keep in your mind. Let’s get started!

#1 Start with a budget

Being clear about finances is an important task. Sit down with your partner and fix a budget. Who is going to pay for the wedding/reception? If you want to involve the family members, it is best to have a clear discussion with them.

Once the budget has been set, you can plan the next step.

#2 How many guests do you plan to invite?

This affects the choice of venue. If it is a private wedding, you would need to choose a property that allows a private affair. Some of the venues may have a minimum capacity! Make a tentative guest list so that you can book your venue accordingly.

#3 Fixing a Wedding Venue

The wedding venue could be a simple church or a beach. Everyone has thought about their perfect wedding. Some like it simple and others want a lavish one! You could go venue hunting with your partner or take some friends along.

Make sure you are booking the venue few months before the day because popular hotels/resorts/properties get booked ahead of time.

#4 Booking the Photographer

Booking a professional photographer is important. This is not a friend’s birthday party where everyone takes their phone out and clicks pictures. It is best to hire a photographer and let them do the job! They have in-depth knowledge about the couple poses and the right lighting. You can search for photographers near me and opt for the best rated one!

#5 Wedding Decor is a MUST

Most of the venues have a decorator on panel, but in case they are allowing you to get your own decorator, you could look for an inexpensive one. There is no harm in checking the work of different decorators. They will show you their portfolio and you can explain what you need! Book them months before the wedding day. This will include florists, lighting, seating, centerpieces and much more.

#6 The outfit

Picking an outfit months before the wedding date is ideal. However, it is important to keep a watch on your diet as well. Make sure you do not gain weight during this time! Pick an outfit and eat healthy food. The designer would need enough time to create the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

Words from the Wise

Your wedding day is special and missing out any of the above-mentioned details could get you into some last-minute trouble. Don’t wait for the date to come closer because hiring a photographer, decorator and booking the venue is vital. Make sure you hire a good makeup artist as well. Get a trial done before you hire the right person to doll you up for the grand day!