10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Proposal A Memorable One

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Ways To Make Your Wedding Proposal A Memorable One. Proposing your loved one for marriage is a big moment. Ensuring to make the moment special and unforgettable is even more important. Such days are remembered for life and stories are heard by generations.

An impressive and memorable wedding proposal also shows your sincerity towards the relationship. The more you value a relationship the more efforts you put in to please your partner.

Below are the few ideas that will help you make your day unforgettable till eternity.

1.  Endearing cuties

Who wouldn’t fall for a cute pet or a charming baby? Use a cute basket with a puppy or a kitten in it expressing your feelings. Cuteness never tends to fail and it also intensifies innocence and sincerity. You may even go to the next level by hiring a trained dolphin or a talking parrot. You may experiment as much with cute animals to help you ask her hand till the time your partner is an animal lover. Cute little kids can equally help as it makes anyone go aww… You can make it more interesting by using flowers and balloons.

2. Photo Booth

Couples love getting themselves captured together. Take your partner to a photo booth and propose right before the camera shutter clicks. It doesn’t just surprise your beloved but also gets your moment captured forever. The first expression stays with you for a lifetime. You can even add on to the surprise by calling your family and friends outside the booth with a cake or champagne.

3. Treasure hunt

Make your proposal exciting by making your partner play treasure hunt and provide him/her with exciting clues. The hunt can be turned grand if you want to make it big and involve your family and friends. Make your family part of the game and give her relevant clues and let your friends guide. You can turn the hunt very personal by taking her to places where you first met or kissed or have had dates. Pamper her well before disclosing the big surprise. Let the final spot be well decorated so that you can capture the perfect moment.

4. Family dinner

Let your best moments be witnessed by your loved ones. Make them part of your proposal, like that he/she surely wouldn’t forget the warmth of the moment. Propose a toast or get a big platter served with a note in it. Make her feel important and show your eagerness to make your beloved a part of your family.

5. Destination Proposal

Take your beloved to her favorite place or destination that he/she has always fantasized about. Remember, it is the proposal that you wish to make unforgettable. Pick a destination nearby or like a weekend getaway so that you two spend quality time together rather than just traveling. You can even turn the destination proposal exciting by proposing her with titanium rings on the way, in a car or a plane, and enjoy the rest of the holiday celebrating the engagement.

6. Creativity at its best

Make her a nostalgic card/ movie/ clip/ booklet, etc. with a collection of memorable pictures and stories of your togetherness. Make her walk down the memory lane with your creative surprise. By the time she actually reaches the question, she should have relieved all the pleasurable moments spent with you. You can even add a list of the songs in a pen drive or disc or in the background to add more effectiveness to your card.

7. Be poetic

If you two are a literary couple or your partner has an interest in reading or in written material like poems, stories, etc. Write down a few lines for her be it a poem, story, or an article expressing your feelings and asking for her hand in the end.

Don’t be disappointed if you are not a good writer. Here’s an interesting tip- pick one of her favorite romantic books or a poem and copy the most romantic lines in an old unused book. Hollow that book, decorate it and keep a titanium ring inside. Imagine how exciting it will be for your partner and both of you can retain that book as a memory forever.

8. Love Song

Prepare a song for your beloved and you can propose with a love song in multiple ways. Sing it in a club, concert, dinner date, record it and gift, etc. You can even do better if you write the lyrics yourself and tune it the way you like. It will not just be surprising but you two can rhyme that song together forever.

9. Adventurous proposal

Some couples are very fond of adventure sports. So you can take your partner for mountain climbing, sky-diving, scuba diving, etc. there you can seal the bond with nature witnessing it at the best. You can even go creative with a paraglide and get the proposal written on your canopy.

10. Planetarium date

Let the stars express your love. Take your partner to a planetarium and while you both are stargazing, get it written in the sky. Propose her with a ring while she’s amazed sitting next to you.