What Are Shopify And How To Become One Of The Top Shopify Stores?

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Starting a new retail business is not easy, and one requires a lot of investment and planning for that. But what if one wants to start a business without having to invest a lot and yet have a good shopping cart software for the job? Well, there are several options that one can choose from, but the one that will fit the bill and will give good operational control is Shopify. If one learns how to use it, then it can easily become one of the top Shopify stores.

About Shopify

Those who are on the lookout of a shopping cart software, they must know of Shopify by now. It is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud option for those who want a solution for their retail business. One will have to pay a minimum monthly fee, based on the features that one will be requiring. In turn, the software will provide an admin page with various operational tabs, that will help in controlling and managing the online retail store, its products, orders, etc.

One can make their brand more stylish and attractive using various design templates that Shopify provides to its users. This platform provides a free SSL certificate along with good speed and uploads time to avoid any crashes while customers are surfing.

Why use Shopify?

Some of the reasons why using Shopify can use for an online store owner are:

  • Affordable: one of the best things about Shopify, is the fact that it is highly cost-effective. The monthly fee is optional and one can easily choose between various options of a plan. From basic plans to high-level plans, there is something for everybody.
  • Convenient: even if one is not a skilled web developer, one can easily use the Shopify platform. With average skills too, one can create their shopping cart platform, add products, descriptions, price, and take orders with complete ease.
  • Dropshipping friendly: for those who do not have a full-fledged online store, but works in dropshipping can also use the Shopify easily.
  • Themes: to make the cart look good and make it more user friendly, there are several themes that one can easily choose from to be called top Shopify stores. There are free themes and there are paid themes that one pick according to one’s budget
  • Tech support: when one is not a full-time developer, the chances are that they will face many challenges along the way. But while working with Shopify, one can easily get tech support through live chat, phone calls, emails, etc. to solve one’s problem.

How to use Shopify for retail store success?

Some of the tips that will make ones online store one of the top Shopify stores are:

  • Sell more: to become a successful retailer; one needs to work on its sales strategy and expand with the category. Choose products which sell and are more in demand, so that it can attract more customers.
  • Mobile experience: while using Shopify, choose a theme that is mobile friendly. As most of the customer like to shop using their mobile phones, it will bring in more steady flow of customer.
  • Retain the customers: one should work on retaining the customers. That is use proper communication channels, have a conversation with customers, handle complaints, retarget the ads, offer giveaways, etc. as part of the strategy.
  • Content optimization: make sure that the website has proper content that is optimized for the e-commerce industry. Reach out to the customers, given them information, like a certain level of emotional connection to excel in the game.

Final words

Choosing the right shopping cart solution will make or break an online store business. Therefore, one should pick Shopify as then one will spend less and earn more. However, one should pay attention to the overall strategy to bring in more customers and also retain them in time.