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What Factors Should You Consider Before Investing in New Residential Windows?

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You recently took a good look at the windows in your home. What you saw was not all that reassuring. Now is a good time to think about investing in new ones. Before you have a contractor start to work, it pays to make some decisions first. Consider these four areas closely and the rest of the details about those new Sherwood Park windows will fall into place.

Time for a Style Change?

How happy are you with the window style? If it’s never been quite what you wanted, now is a great time to change that. There are a number of style options to consider. Whatever the design of the home, you’re sure to find at least two or three alternatives that will work well.

Focus on more than appearance as you evaluate each style. While that’s important, pay close attention to function as well. You want the windows to open and close as much or as little as you prefer. It also helps to consider features that will make it easier to clean each side of the glass. The right style will ensure you like those new windows much more than the old ones.

Wood Aluminum or Vinyl?

The materials used for the sashes and framework is also something to think about. Perhaps your current windows are made of wood. If you like that, it’s worth considering the same material for the new windows. Do consider comparing the benefits of aluminum or vinyl to what wood has to offer.

For example, wood can rot and warp. Aluminum is not likely to do either. Vinyl is easy to care for and will retain the color for a long time. If you’re not sure which way to go, talk with the contractor. Based on specifics about your home and the style of windows you have in mind, one material may be a better choice than the other two.

Double or Triple Pane Glass?

Energy efficiency does deserve some attention. That’s why you will want to discuss the potential of going with double or triple pane glass. Both are much better in terms of insulation than the older single pane glass. You’ll find that triple pane glass is also a great choice for blocking noises from outside. That’s especially important if you live in a part of town where there’s a lot of traffic.

The Security Angle

Security is another important aspect to consider. You want the glass to be difficult to break or cut. The locks included with the windows must be secure while being easy for you and other family members to open from the inside. Check with the contractor about other features that ensure the new windows add to the home’s security. You may also check out a guide on securing your home with the aid of new windows.

Remember that residential replacement windows constitute a major investment in the home. Take the time to weigh all of your options carefully and don’t hesitate to seek out professional advice from your contractor. Together, it will be a lot easier to settle on the right window style, ensure the security is present, and that you’ll enjoy those windows for many years to come.