What is the Hyperspins slots games series?

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There are many online casino no deposit slot games series out there, some of these game series is centered around a particular theme whilst others are based around a certain game mechanic. Hyperspins slots series are a series of games that are centered around a specific game mechanic. 

What is it? 

Hyperspins is a brand new slot mechanic from Microgaming, they are primarily designed to give players much more control in their gaming experience. This increased control comes in the form of allowing the players to choose which reels are available for respin and when exactly to respin them. Using the Hyperspin feature will allow players to transform a potentially disastrous spin into a spin that results in a nice win. This also gives players a better chance to trigger bonuses and extra games. Players who have a tighter bankroll should be careful when using this feature as it can prove to be very expensive, there is no guarantee that you will win something from this feature and instead you could find yourself spending a lot of money for a respin of little consequence.

How does it work? 

In a typical hyperspin slot game, the feature will be made available to players after their first spin. It will usually be given to players after every subsequent spin after this. 

  1. Once the player has spun the reels, the hyperspin feature will work out the player’s chances of getting a win if the player decides to spin any of the five reels.. These calculations may sound complicated but they take milliseconds!
  2. Once the feature has worked this out, it will then display the amount that players need in order to spin the reels. The value of each hyperspin is worked out in accordance with the players likelihood of winning.
  3. Costs will be much higher if the player only needs to spin one or two reels in order to trigger a massive win. If the player’s win is going to be minimal, the cost of a hyperspin will be much lower.
  4. When you land a win whilst using the hyperspin feature, players will be given the chance to spin again using the hyperspin feature and are even guaranteed a win. 

Hyperspins Slots 

Although the hyperspins feature is still new, there are a vast array of Microgaming slots which have already implemented the feature. 

●       Book of Oz Lock ‘N Spin takes its inspiration from the Wizard of Oz book series, this slot uses the hyperspins feature with ten different paylines for the players to choose from, allowing for maximum player customization.

●       Lucky Riches is a fun, casino themed slot which offers a slightly different spin on the hyperspins feature, it mixes the feature with over 243 different ways to win! Promising hours of entertainment for players.

In Summary 

Hyperspins is a slot mechanic from Microgaming which gives players greater control with the reels being spun. The feature is great for players who have a larger bankroll as they features cost can vary depending on the outcome of the reels.