What Is the Ideal Hit Rate in Online Slots?

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Hit rate or hit frequency of European online slots indicate how many times the reels will hit a winning combination. So, if a slot game has a hit rate of 25%, it means that out of every 100 rounds you play, you will win rewards in 25 of them on an average.

How Much is Enough?

For slot games, hit rates vary between 15% and 50%. If any game has a hit rate outside of this bracket, chances are that the game is rigged. Most slot games have a hit rate between 20% and 30%. Obviously, the higher the hit rate, the better it is for the player. So, 50% is your best option. Experienced slot players usually stay away from games with a hit rate of below 20%.

How is Hit Rate Related to Payout Rate?

When a game has a payout rate of, say 95%, it means that whenever you score a win, you earn a reward which is equal to 95% of the amount that you had staked. There is a special relation that exists between the hit rate of a game and the payout rate or the return to player rate of the game:

·        The hit rate tells you about the frequency of the rewards.

·        The payout rate tells you about the size of the rewards.

In slots, you may win, but not as high as you had bet. Suppose that you placed a bet of £10 and you won £5. Ultimately, you ended up incurring a loss of £5 but that will not be considered by the hit rate. In fact, the hit rate will still acknowledge it as a win. So, if you only use the hit rate as a parameter to judge the quality of a slot game, it will be wrong.

How to Find the Hit Rate of a Game?

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1Blood Suckers
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In every reviewing forum, you can find out the various properties of a game. You get to know the variance, the payout rate, the number of paylines and much more. However, hit rate is not so much talked about. This does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to find out the hit rate of a game anywhere at all. You will just have to dig in a little deeper. For example, if you are trying to find out the variance of a game of slots, you can do so by literally visiting any random reviewing forum. But in case of hit rate, you have to visit at least 5 different reviewing forums looking for it.

Final Thoughts

One thing to always remember is that we should not get too much carried away. Things like hit rate, variance and payout rate indeed give us an idea of how much we can expect to win in a game. But it is not some gospel that can never go wrong. The hit rate tells you how many times you may win, not how many times you will win. Slot games work with Random Number Generators. The outcome of every round can never be controlled because it is completely random.