What is the Right Way to Spend a Week in Sydney?

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What is the Right Way to Spend a Week in Sydney? Are you planning a week off from work, but aren’t sure what to do for the entire week? Planning a trip to Sydney, the largest city in Australia, is the best decision that you can ever make in your life. The city is as beautiful as you and ensures to please you with the gorgeous beaches and iconic landmarks.

It is one of the beautiful tourist destinations, which is high-in-demand by tourists over the world. Check out the collection of Michael Jackson Costume on Harley Quinn Jacket. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, that spending a few more bucks for a week in Sydney, will enthuse you with pleasure and comfort.

Here’s a detailed plan for a week in Sydney, which would make you cherish the beauty of Sydney with an adventurous experience. Check it out:

Day 01 – Explore the city of Sydney

For your first day in Sydney, we would recommend you to explore this gorgeous city on feet. A free walking tour starts at 10:30 every morning from the Town Hall and covers almost every sightseeing place of the city, including Hyde Park, Martin Place, Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and many others. The tour ends on Observatory Hill.

Furthermore, you can check out the Opera House real close. Go and wander over to Circular Quay, to witness the beautiful ferries coming and going. Moreover, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is a beautiful viewpoint that you shouldn’t even think to miss. This could be the most fascinating day as the start of a week in Sydney.

Day 02 – Library, Place, Malls and what not

Dedicate you Day 02, to check out the hospital which was established in exchange for the monopoly on the rum. The rum hospital is a must to see as you visit Sydney. Moreover, the State Library of NSW is the most elegant building that would leave you mesmerized for a moment or two. You can even catch up on their exhibitions. Additionally, Martin Place will make you witness the stunning buildings, such as Cenotaph War Memorial, APA, Australasia Bank buildings and Colonial Mutual Life Building.

Explore the fascinating malls to get a break from the busy lifestyle of Sydney. As to give a real feast to your eyes, do not miss on the Strand Arcade which pleases your eyes with the beautiful tiled floors to colorful glass ceilings. 

Day 03 – The Blue Mountains of Sydney

The breathtaking view of The Blue Mountains National Park is just a blessing to watch! If you are a hiking lover, then this is where you must be. Have the pleasure of watching mesmerizing waterfalls along with drop-dead gorgeous views. Wentworth Falls, Pulpit Rock, and the Three Sisters are embedded with pure and charming views. Spend some time on these spots and get rid of stress from work.

Day 04 – Beach Day

As Sydney is known for the gorgeous beaches, how can you miss this refreshing spot? Dedicate an entire day to spend on the beach, to relax and refresh. Bondi Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Australia is surely a pleasure to be at, but along with the beauty of a beach, it is popular for the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. The crystal-clear water of these mesmerizing beaches is a real beauty. Do not miss on getting on your hands on your bathing suit along with a lot of sunscreens.

Day 05 – Check out the Suburbs

Sydney is as gorgeous as it is today, because of the Suburbs! You can easily reach to the inner suburbs by public transport. Surry Hills is a place for art lovers. Art galleries, theatres, and quirky shops along with cocktail bars and pubs selling craft beer – is a must to visit. The electric suburb accompanying restaurants and boutiques comprises of gorgeous architecture and street art.

Day 06 – The Rocks and Manly

Experience the harbor waters on Manly, as it is one of the most popular spots. You can make a jump on a ferry at Wharf 3, and experience a 30-minute ride to Manly. The Rocks are one of the shady as iconic places of Sydney, which you can’t afford to miss. Learn about history whilst making memories in Sydney.

Day 07 – China Town and Darling Harbor

The market place in China Town is full of delicious food stalls and a market place with a gorgeous setup. You can try a lot of Asian foods and cherish the night. Darling Harbor is another spot that is a must to visit. The sea life aquarium, Maritime Museum, Wildlife Zoo, and Madame Tussauds are gorgeous and mesmerizing.


So, what are you even waiting for? Grab onto your walking shoes and your gorgeous bathing suit – we are about to make some adventurous memories in Sydney!