What Pediatric Neurology Involves

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Symptoms associated with nervous system issues in children can be easily misdiagnosed, increasing the risk for long-term health problems. That is why it is necessary to take your child to the right specialist, someone who has more profound knowledge of children’s nerve issues like the Miami pediatric neurologist. A child neurologist has advanced training to handle children with problems in their nervous system and can meet every child’s unique needs. Remember that nervous issues in children can cause headaches, seizures, developmental delays, and other severe complications if not well managed. Let us dig deeper into pediatric neurology to help you make informed decisions about your child’s healthcare.

Pediatric Neurology Training

You ought to take your child to a pediatric neurologist. Medical doctors are well trained and equipped to deal with nerve issues in children. One must complete four years of medical school, about two years of general pediatrics residency or internship, and three years of residency training in child neurology, including a year in adult neurology training. Additionally, a neurologist can choose to complete an additional one or two years of a fellowship in a sub-specialty in neurology. A pediatric neurologist is a suitable person to diagnose and handle your child’s neurology needs.

Services Involved

A pediatric neurologist can diagnose, treat, and manage multiple issues within your child’s nervous system. They offer services concerning seizures and epilepsy, headaches including concussions and migraines, muscle problems, autism, intellectual disability, and brain tumor. They also handle developmental issues like delayed speech, cerebral palsy, coordination issues, and delayed motor milestones. Also, they can diagnose behavioral disorders like sleep problems, tics and Tourette Syndrome, and attention deficit.

Periodontal neurologists also help with genetic issues associated with the immune system and brain infections or inflammation.

Tests Involved

Once you get your child to a pediatric neurologist, they will attempt to diagnose your child’s issue by hearing the symptoms, evaluating the medical history, or conducting a physical exam. However, sometimes more tests are necessary to give an accurate diagnosis. Some of the standard pediatric neurology tests include;

EEG (electroencephalogram) looks for issues within the electrical activity of your child’s brain.

CT scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) mainly takes images of your child’s brain or spine to show signs of an infection, brain tumors, stroke, or certain genetic disorders.

Blood tests include basic lab checks for infections or genetic testing for specific health complications.

When to Consider Pediatric Neurology

Neurology disorders cause different symptoms in babies and children to indicate issues within the brain or nerve functions. Understanding what to look for is crucial since some of the signs are associated with other health complications. Generally, give a pediatric neurologist a call when your child seems to experience headaches, twitching, seizures, slurred speech, lack of coordination, fainting, unexplained pain, fatigue or weakness, tingling or numbing, abnormal movements, or developmental delays.

It is essential to take your child to regular checkups with a pediatrician. The medical experts might realize the symptoms you might not notice at home and order a neurological exam. Also, pay attention to what the teachers, caretakers, or other people spending more time with your child say and take quick action.

Pediatric neurologists are the best fit for your child’s neurological needs. Get in touch with the KIDZCHOICE Pediatricians today for more information. You can also book a consultation appointment online.

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