What Proctology Experts Want You to Know

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Anal itching, hemorrhoids, or unexplained pooping pain can be embarrassing to talk about but not with proctologists or colorectal surgeons. The proctology Astoria specialists can help you if you are enduring such issues. There are several individualized treatments available to help you eliminate your embarrassing and painful symptoms. The experts specialize in dealing with issues affecting your anus and rectum and can diagnose your situation and recommend the right treatment course for you. They have extensive experience in several non-invasive procedures that can help you. But here is what the professionals want you to know.

You Need a Colonoscopy if you are Over 50

Colonoscopy is a crucial procedure in detecting colon cancer and preventing the condition. Although you might not have a family history of the condition, hitting the age of 50 means, you should schedule your colonoscopy appointment as your risks are higher than before. Your provider will evaluate your colon for suspicious growths and polyps, which can be removed before they turn cancerous. The procedure is not painful, and you might be put in a twilight sleep, meaning you will be awake but more relaxed.

The Power to Reduce Your Cancer Risks is in Your Hands

Taking a step to get a colonoscopy for colon cancer screening is crucial for minimizing your chances of developing the condition. However, a healthy lifestyle is a key to overall health and a healthy colon. Colonoscopy can help you catch colon cancer early, but your lifestyle plays a significant role in avoiding the complication. Generally, it is essential to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber, avoid smoked and red meat, quit smoking, and maintain a healthy weight. It is also crucial to investigate your family history pertaining to colon cancer to understand your risks.

Painful Pooping is not always Normal

Several factors can make you experience pain when pooping. Therefore, something is amiss when your bowel movements are painful, and you should seek help. Although it can be embarrassing to talk about the situation, proctologists are well trained to handle such cases, and you can talk to them about your situation. You can experience anal fissures resulting from straining or constipation, but you can avoid this by improving your fiber and water intake. Also, you might have external hemorrhoids, which mainly resolve by themselves.

Over-the-counter Treatments Only Treats the Symptoms

There is nothing wrong with rushing to the local stores and pharmacies to get over-the-counter treatments for hemorrhoids. However, understand that the medicines will only address your symptoms like itching, pain, and discomfort but will not treat the underlying inflammation of the hemorrhoids themselves. This means the condition may persist or worsen even after taking the OTC medications. But a colorectal surgeon can prescribe medications or perform surgery where necessary to thoroughly address your issue.

Itching in Your Anus is Normal

Understand that your anus can itch when something new has come into contact with the area. Therefore, always try to think why your anus could be itching. Have you come into contact with body lotion, detergent, and toilet paper? Using baby wipes or moistened toilet wipes could cause itching or irritation due to their ingredients. Also, you could experience itching after eating certain foods like spicy meals, chocolate, and black pepper, which can irritate your anal area.

If you are enduring itchiness or irritation in your anal area, do not hesitate to talk to the proctology specialists at Surgical Specialists of NY. Make a call or schedule your appointment online.

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