What’s For Dessert? 7 Must-Try Desserts in Japan

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A stunning country like Japan is known for many beautiful things such as the iconic Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossoms, Tokyo Skytree, Capsule Hotels, Manga and Anime, Sumo Wrestling, Samurai, and Shibuya Crossing. This country is also famous for its people’s politeness, punctuality, and cleanliness. That is why Japan is one of the top countries to travel to, especially during the Sakura season.

But for food lovers everywhere, Japan has always been a world-famous destination not only for its ramen and sushi but also for its delightful desserts. Yes, you heard it right. Every place in Japan has many heavenly and unique tasty desserts to offer to visitors and travelers.  So for desserts freaks out there, here are the six must-try desserts in Japan!

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Kabocha Pie

One of the tastiest desserts in Japan you can try out is the kabocha pie. Kabocha literally translates to “Pumpkin.” Kabocha tastes similarly like apples or pears. Although kabocha doesn’t taste like pumpkin, they’re from the same genus as pumpkins. Alternatively, you can visit to know more about traditional american pumpkin pie.


Travelling gives you the chance to feel rejuvenated and experience the famous food in that particular place you are visiting. In Japan, avid food travelers would never miss the country’s famous Mochi, a traditional Japanese dessert. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of special sticky rice called mochi gome.

Mochi is also one of the most versatile desserts as it can be formed into different shapes and can be made into different colors and types. The best thing about this dessert is that it is fun and easy to make at home if you can’t visit Japan right now. 

Japan’s Souffle Pancakes

Souffle Pancakes in Japan are gaining popularity because of its light, airy and puffy features. These features are the souffle pancake’s main ingredients: the softly beaten egg whites and its batter, which has a meringue. While these desserts seem easy to make because of its soft texture, recreating them requires a lot of effort and practice. 

You may put fruit toppings on top of these souffle pancakes, such as strawberries, mangoes, or blueberries. Partnered with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this is the perfect dessert to eat while waiting for your flight at the airport or while just having alone time for yourself.


Anmitsu, or Japan’s version of an ice cream sundae, is the country’s other popular dessert. It is a Japanese cold sweet that is very saleable, especially during summer or spring in Japan. This is not your typical ice cream sundae as the ingredients of these desserts include mochi, fruits, nuts with red bean paste.

The combination of different fruits, such as grapes, mango, watermelon, berries, and kiwi, makes this dessert more drooling. After a big bite of giant tempura, it is always best that you indulge in a dessert as rich in ingredients as Anmitsu.


Tokyo’s Harajuku district is not just famous for its being a youth fashion hub, it is also known to be where you can eat the most delicious Japan’s version of a crepe. If you talk about Harajuku District, people would directly go into any crepe cafe as Harajuku’s  makes the best version of crepe with a thousand varieties.

Crepes are also known for their nutritional benefits as while they may be rich in carbohydrates but are low in fat, low in calories, and low in sugars because they are relatively thin. You can also experiment on your crepes by adding fruits for variation.


Taiyaki is another one of the most popular sweets in Tokyo. This dessert is a fish-shaped cake with red bean or fruit or custard filling and can be bought anywhere in Japan’s streets. You may have it cold, but most prefer it hot, and this costs more or less 300 yen depending on its size or its filling. Taiyaki’s ingredients include wheat flour, milk, eggs, and sugar. 

While it is often told that clothes reflect your personality, in the Japanese culture, however, it’s the way you eat Taiyaki that says a lot about your personality. You are optimistic if you first eat the head. If you eat the tail first, you are believed to be romantic but a little gullible. If you eat from the sides, you are both energetic and athletic.


Japanese Tea Ceremony is a Japanese tradition that has already been deeply part of its history. In celebrating this ceremony, the tea is best paired with an Uiro or a sweet steamed cake with its main ingredients consisting of sugar, rice, flour, and water. Uiro is known for its chewy texture and the fruits that are usually seen in almost the bottom part of the cake.

These sweet desserts are usually found in Nagoya. But with its thousands of varieties, anyone, visitor or traveler or any Japanese citizen may buy Uiro in the grocery store or any malls in Japan. You will like this dessert because every time you buy this in a cafe, there is always a big chance that you would be given a free tea to drink.


People like to visit Japan for the experience and the delicious desserts they want to taste. If you plan to visit Japan, it is best that you research and learn from these six desserts of Japan just introduced to you. Indeed, as soon as you set your foot in that beautiful country, it would be hard not to ask what’s for dessert?