When to Call 911 Emergency Services

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One of the things that you have to get used to when you are a car owner or a driver is locking your keys in the car. This can happen to anyone. Hence, you have to be always ready for it to avoid panicking when this happens. When most people realize that they have locked their car keys in the car, they tend to come up with very weird ways of opening the car doors to get the keys. You always have to think critically when you find yourself in such a situation.

Instead of coming up with embarrassing ways of opening the door, there are other professional alternatives that you can turn into. There are several people that you can call for help during this time. All you will have to do is be patient so that your help can arrive. The following are some people that you can call when you lock your keys in the car.

Call 911 if You are in Danger 

911 is one of the numbers that you can dial from your phone if you are in any danger. However, when you lock your keys in your car, you can also consider calling 911. The advantage of calling 911 is that the police will answer your call, and they will be willing to come and offer you help. At times, you could be in weird locations, which are very insecure for you. Instead of staying in places where you can be attacked and endangered, you need to call the police. In case you find yourself in very dire situations, the most critical thing that you can think about is contacting authorities. The police officers will have to ask you to verify that you are the car owner before they unlock the door for you. 

Most police officers can offer help to people who have locked keys in their cars. However, there are models of cars that the police officers may not help you unlock. Therefore, this should not be the first call that you make when you realize that you have locked your keys in the car. When you call 911, be ready to pay for towing services if they are unable to unlock the car door. 

Call a Friend to Bring a Spare Key 

Whenever you lock your car keys in your car, you will realize the advantages of having a spare key. There are so many reasons why every car owner should possess an extra key for their cars. However, the main issue here is not owning the spare key but entrusting one of your royal friends with your spare key. So many people store all the car keys in one knot. Therefore, when they lock the car without picking the keys, they will not have any spare keys. 

It is always advisable that you give one of your royal friends or family members your spare keys. However, you have to ensure that you are selecting someone who will always be near your location. You cannot give anyone the spare keys without thinking about where they live. To be on the safe side, give your spare keys to someone close to your locality.

You can also duplicate several car keys and give them to more people than you can trust so that if one of your best friends is not nearby, you can call others and check whether they can bring the spare keys to you. Since you do not have to deal with strangers in this situation, this has turned to be the safest and most secure call that you can make when you have your keys locked in the car. 

Call Roadside Assistance to Open Your Car Door

Roadside assistance is very important to the car owners and drivers in several ways. This is because they offer very important services to drivers and car owners from any location. When you lock your keys in the car, you can also consider calling the roadside assistance to unlock the door for you. The roadside assistance can offer you the help that you need within a very short time.

Always ensure that you have the roadside assistance phone number in your telephone so that you can make your call and alert them about the incident that you are having. Although the roadside assistance can take some time to arrive at your location, you will guarantee that someone is coming to your rescue. The roadside assistance has technicians qualified in unlocking doors, and hence they will come with the right tools and equipment and help you open the door at the location you are in and at any time. 

Call a Locksmith to Open Your Car Door

In case you lock your car keys and do not have anyone with the spare keys, you can be shocked at times. However, automotive locksmiths are always there waiting for your call. Any automotive locksmith can help you deal with any auto-related issues that you are facing. Unlocking your car is one of these issues. Locksmiths are always able to regain access to your car despite where you have locked the keys.

They are also skilled and experienced in offering the services that the customers require. Since they come with the right tools, they will not know when you will level the car keys, always contact the locksmiths who can offer their services 24 hours. In case you do not have spare keys, ensure that your locksmith duplicates spare keys for you to give to your friends. 

Call the Car Dealership to Get a Dummy Key

The other answer to the question about who you will call when you lock your car keys is your dealership. A car dealership can help you in different ways if you have regular lockouts. This includes providing you with a spare key to your car, unlocking your car remotely after verifying the car’s ownership or calling roadside assistance on your behalf. 

In case you lock the keys in your car, then they have two solutions for you. One, the dealership may offer you roadside assistance. The car dealership also has a dummy key for your car, and hence they will unlock your car remotely from any place when you call them. However, due to the high cases of insecurity, the car dealership must ask you to confirm that you are the owner of the car that is being unlocked. This is because they do not want to be responsible for unlocking a car that has been stolen.