Which are the No 1 Android games?

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The number of Android games seems to be growing every year with much better improvement and technology. The premium, as well as free-to-play games, are getting better and better, and the good thing about those games is that you don’t have to sit at a specific space in front of a Gaming Laptops or a playstation to play those games but you can carry those games with you through your mobile. Here we will guide you about the best games on android.

So, let’s get started with it:

·       PUBG Mobile:

It is a battle royale video game, an action-adventure game. The game has at least required 2 GB RAM to run on android phones. The game had over 1 million installs under a month after its release. The android version of PUBG mobile has a little better graphics and new mechanisms like dogging. It has new vehicles and more. It is free to play but if you want to unlock new outfits etc you have to pay for them. You play this game in a group and fight other groups until only one is left.


MINECRAFT is a sandbox video game in which you can mine stuff, build stuff, beat up bad guys and do whatever you want to. It has a survival and as well a creative mode where everything is unlimited. The game was created in the programming language java by Markus. It is developed by Monjag studio. However, it is not free to play. You have to pay 6.99 dollars to play this game. MINECRAFT has also in-app purchases.

·       LEVEL HEAD

LEVEL HEAD is a platform game, indie game, adventure stimulation. It has 90 plus levels. You can run, jump and blast your way across those levels. It’s fun playing challenging games that don’t come for free. You have to pay 6.99 dollars to play this game.

·       MOUNTVALLEY 1 & 2

Mount valley 1 and Mount valley 2 both are excellent games. It is hard to decide which one to play between them. In this game, the players guide the silent princess to hidden paths, mysterious monuments, and unfold optical illusion. The mechanism and graphics of both games are similar and they are excellently designed. You have to pay 3.99 dollars to play this game.


Nintendo video games include Animal Crossing: New horizon (2020), Super Mario which some people believed was too expensive. The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart,  Mario party superstar, etc.

·       POKEMON GO

Pokemon go is a virtual pokemon catching game. it gives you a map of where to find pokemon. It went viral after its release. it got awards: BAFTA Games Award for mobile, handheld and more.


Sky children of light is an adventure game. you can explore seven worlds featured by the game. you can change your character’s look. The game has very nice graphics. It’s developed and published by That Game Company. First, it released its IOS version and the Android version after 9 months.


Star drew valley is a role-playing game in which you start with a neglected farm. You must have to rebuild it to an excellent level. The players catch fish, take care of the crops and livestock, raise the livestock.