Which Blush is Best Suited For You?

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Which Blush is Best Suited For You? The pink on the cheeks was the most important thing for our mothers. Dig into their old makeup bags and you’ll find cakes of blush in different shades, ready to be applied with a swish of a brush. If you’re a novice in the blush game then we have answers for you.

So what is blush exactly?

What you need to remember is that blush is a pigment that comes in various forms like powder or creams to mimic the red that comes on your cheek when you blush. It is meant to look like a natural flush, making you look vibrant and healthy. Since not everyone has a natural skin blush, especially whitish, olive and darker skin tones, to get the hang putting on blush effectively can be a little tricky because you don’t know how it will look in real life.

It doesn’t matter if your face has a natural tint to it or not. You can learn how to put blush in a matter of minutes and regular application will make you a pro. Blush is a very handy tool if you’re going to go for full coverage on your face. For full coverage, a mix of foundation, bb cream, and face concealor is used which is used to hide blemishes and other imperfections. But when you do so, the natural color of your face goes away and that’s when you’ll need blush to get it back on track. The pink in your cheeks is what you will get with the help of a good blush.

Different types of blush:

There are basically two major types of blush:

The Powder blush comes in the particle form and in the blush stick form and can be used on your bare face if you’re not going for a medium to full coverage. It can also be used over foundation. You’ll find the blush in a variety of ranges. It comes in the illuminating range, the matte range, satin range and more. It is applied with the help of a brush and can be blended with your foundation or skin to get the soft rosy cheek flush. To get a more dramatic look you can use more blush. The first step to putting anything on your face is to use a primer. Primer is super important to allow blush to have something to stay with. If you’re not into makeup on a daily basis then there is no point investing in a primer. The combination of aloe Vera gel and moisturizer will work wonders for your skin.

Cream blush is another option that can be used over your foundation and is great for bare skin. The staying power of cream is important because that way it doesn’t require a primer to cling on to it. It can be easily blended with your fingers or brush or a sponge application. Creams can look very pigmented, but you can start out with a powder and then you can shift to cream-based blush. Just remember to apply everything with a light hand so that you don’t spread it and pigment your face too much. Buy a wide range of colors from MyGlamm along with brands like Pose Collection and Manish Malhotra Collection etc.