Why Dublin is a Great Choice for Students Planning to Study Abroad

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A city is known for ‘craic’, Guinness and an abundance of pubs, Dublin has unsurprisingly attracted many students. Besides, students are also drawn to Dublin’s fascinating history, architecture and the booming music scene. 

Discover more reasons why Dublin has become a popular destination for students looking to spend time overseas.


Dublin is an English-speaking city which makes it less daunting if you’re planning to go abroad. Dublin is made up of a large ex-pat community which adds to the foreigner-friendly ambience. Furthermore, most internal programmes and universities have fantastic support networks for international students.

Easy access to Europe 

Ireland is a small country making it is easy to travel within the country using the bus or train; possible destinations include Galway, Cork and Belfast. Airline companies also offer cheap flights to famous European destinations. One can travel from Dublin to Glasgow for as little as €9.99. Therefore, planning a day trip or a weekend break can be a surprisingly inexpensive way to explore and visit a new place.  

Prestigious universities 

Ireland is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in Europe for its educational system. Dublin itself is home to famous universities and accommodates many domestic and international students making it a diverse, student-friendly city to study and live in.

Stunning scenery and landscapes

If you’re someone who enjoys a bustling atmosphere and being outdoors, Ireland is a great place to study. Students can spend their time absorbing Dublin’s ambience or travel slightly out of the city to explore some of Ireland’s natural wonders. The snow-clad mountains and small picturesque countryside are a good enough reason to visit this country.  Ireland is also known for mountain climbing, caving, water sports and kayaking; you’ll have ample opportunities to engage in a variety of outdoor adventures.


St. Patrick’s Day, Cork Jazz Festival, Galway Arts Festival – the list is endless. No matter what your interests are, Ireland offers a range of festivals in literature, music, dance and much more. Not only is this an excellent way to explore Ireland’s culture but it is also a good opportunity to travel around the country. 

Rich in history and culture

Dublin has a rich history stretching back thousands of years. The city was once known as the biggest Viking city and contains many Gothic cathedrals as well as Georgian architecture and old castles. 

In addition, Dublin was also been nominated as the UNESCO City of Literature in 2010 particularly as it is the birthplace of many popular literary figures including George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. The city’s museums, literary heritage, live music and its distinctive language make it the cultural centre of Ireland. If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Ireland, click here to see some top travel tips for international students.