Why is Fortnite one of the most successful games right now?

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Fortnite is one of the most successful action-adventure games under the category of multi-player battle royale game. 100 players enter into the playing field and attempt to be the last one standing. This can be done by using different weapons such as crossbows, grenade launchers and rifles.

Everyone knows that Fortnite is one of the most successful games at this stage. There are clear reasons why this game is so successful.

Following are some of the major reasons why Fortnite is one of the most successful games right now.

  1. It won game of the year

This is one of the biggest rewards and game can get. This is because a lot of people think highly of the game. It has been very popular and impressive. After getting the award, it got even more players. One of the reasons why it has so many players is that it is very accessible. It is almost available on each and every major platform such as PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  • There are fewer bugs

One of the biggest threats to the success of any game is bugs. Frequent bugs can cause gamers to get annoyed. Other games, such as PUBG has failed due to the tons of bugs that you will come across while playing the game. A lot of these failures are majorly due to the faults within the game itself. The glitches can be annoying. However, this is not the case with Fortnite. The game developers have ensured that Fortnite is free of bugs.

  • Cleaner graphics

Action shooting games normally come with high and grit texture. This is also one of the reasons why glitches occur within the game. However, Fortnite has bright, inviting and cleaner graphics. You can improve performance by using these settings. The skin and character of the players is still accurately reflected through graphical aspects of the game. It is one of the reasons why the game has successfully attracted millions of players over these years.

  • Better online community

Fortnite has risen in the past years because it has received a lot of community support. The online community of this game is much better compared to other action shooting games. It has received major support from the online community. In fact, this community has even featured in a variety of streams. Fortnite is faster-paced making the game more interesting. Fortnite’s newest season brings in new features. So, the game is now much more demanding to run on older hardware. Get ahead of the competition by using the MVP’s PC Builder to get your own customized rig for the best frame rates and a lag-free experience.

  • Addition of new features

One of the reasons why games are successful is its ability to scale with time. People tend to get bored if the game remains as is throughout. Fortnite has successfully coped up with this issue. It regularly adds new features which makes the game much more exciting and interesting for the players. New content is released every week. For instance, battle pass system is the latest feature which has made the game better to enjoy.

  • It is free to play

One of the most important reasons why Fortnite is an amazing game is that it is free to play. You do not need to pay to win the game. On the other hand, there is a variety of other games which require you to pay in order to enjoy the game. Despite the variety of features in the game, you can enjoy the game completely without even paying a single penny. This is one of the reasons why the game is so successful.

  • Appropriate for all ages

When it comes to Fortnite, it is an appropriate game for all ages. Whether you are a five year old or an adult, it is the right game for you. In fact, children are better at playing such games. The developers have designed the game in a manner to ensure that any person and any gender, irrespective of the age, can enjoy the game as much as possible. In fact, you can get your entire family to squad up and have an amazing gaming experience.

  • Player base size

The success of Fortnite is clearly reflected by the amount of players it has attracted in the past few years. At present, there are over 45 million players. On the other hand, other games such as PUBG, have not even reached 30 million mark. The reason why the number of active players is important is that it decreases the wait-time in lobby.

The bottom line

Fortnite is a success and there is no denial to that. However, above are reasons why it has been so successful. If you are into action and adventure shooting games, then Fortnite is one of the games that you must not miss.