Why Los Angeles Is One of The Best Cities To Visit? 7 Simple Reasons

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Los Angeles is not only one of the largest and most famous cities in America, but also the most glamorous of them. The number of stylish bars, trendy clubs and chic restaurants here is simply dizzy.

However, this is not all that the City of Angels can boast of. There are many reasons why travelers choose this city for their trip. Want to check them out? Then book car rental LAX under 25 and head to Los Angeles.

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Now check out some great reasons why Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world and why you should visit it on your next vacation…

1- Wonderful weather all year round

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

Nobody would call this place “sunny California” for no reason. Los Angeles residents enjoy warm, sunny weather all year long. In a city with the so-called Mediterranean climate, air temperature rarely rises above 32°C, and air humidity remains low, which provides a pleasant atmosphere and the desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Rains are rare in Los Angeles, so it’s an ideal place to relax on the beach, in parks and in other numerous venues of the city.

2- Endless Beaches

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

The beaches of Los Angeles for many Americans mean much more than Disneyland in California or the famous Hollywood sign on a high hill.

The most important feature of the beaches of Los Angeles is where these beaches are located. This is not just a riverbank or even the seashore – it’s the coast of the ancient and mighty Pacific Ocean, which is the largest ocean in the world. 

Even just the contemplation of this boundless water surface is breathtaking. Of course, there are not just a lot of beaches there – their number confidently tends to infinity. Beach areas cover almost the entire Pacific coast of California.

What is the best beach in Los Angeles? The answer to this question depends on what exactly you want to see or what you plan to do there. The Los Angeles coastline, which stretches over 100 kilometres, provides access to so many beaches that you absolutely won’t have a shortage of choice. You will easily find where it’s better to sunbathe or swim, as well as go surfing, diving, or just playing volleyball.

3- The Amazing Hollywood

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

LA is a city where hundreds of celebrities live and where for many ambitious actors, dreams come true. When it comes to the film industry, it’s hard to find something better than Los Angeles, where part of everyday life can be a meeting with celebrities. Only in Los Angeles can you see your favourite actress or actor sitting at a nearby table in a restaurant.

Where to watch movies if not in Los Angeles? There is a huge number of excellent movie theatres where premieres of films and after-party are constantly held.

4- Authentic food

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

Los Angeles is a gourmet paradise. It has almost 25 thousand restaurants and bars, and mostly – these are small family restaurants with homemade food. The choice is huge! Do you want Thai food? Chinese? Italian? French? Or maybe a new American? Gastro Pub? Japanese? Persian? Arab? Mexican? You’re welcome! All this is prepared from the freshest local products by people from different countries. Everything is the most authentic!

5- Center For Musical Life

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

Los Angeles is not just movies. More music is recorded in this city than anywhere else in the world, and the headquarters of the largest record companies are located there. In addition, Los Angeles gave us many famous singers and music groups. Among them are:

6- Food trucks

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

What is a food truck? Usually, this is a van with an equipped small kitchen. The van parks in crowded places and sells food through a small side window. In Los Angeles, the number of such mobile kitchens is higher than anywhere else in the country.

The range of dishes offered is varied. In food trucks, you can buy not only simple food but also sushi, dim sum, Korean barbecue, Mexican tacos, muffins and much more.

7- Disneyland Amusement Park

Why Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit

If roller coaster riding and taking pictures with Mickey Mouse sounds like a dream to you, then you won’t be bored in California. There are several amusement parks in Los Angeles where you can ride a roller coaster and enjoy a delicious meal under the warm sun.

The list of the most amazing theme parks in the LA area includes: