Why World of Warcraft remains the most popular MMO RPG despite 20 years of history

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World of Warcraft is going through a period of its rebirth due to the release of major updates. Even the most avid players who have tried all the mechanics and bosses, have reached the maximum level and are in the top guild find reasons and interest to return to this seemingly well-studied MMO RPG.

It’s all because of the constant additions, expanding the map and revising old mechanics.

For beginners, Wow is interesting because of the huge number of character development options and potential activities, and for old gamers it will be interesting to return to the familiar world and see how and in what direction it changes.

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What is World of Warcraft

WoW is a cult MMO RPG that takes players to the fantasy world of Azeroth, where the two factions Alliance and Horde fight each other and various creatures to explore the world and gain new power.

Strengths of World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the most popular MMO RPGs and is unofficially considered the best game in its genre in the history of gaming. And that’s why:

  • Faction system
  • Pumping
  • Bosses and raids
  • PVP and Arenas
  • Profession system

Faction system

Factions, or rather their confrontation with each other, is the calling card of the World of Warcraft.

The Alliance and Horde clashed their swords across the lands of Azeroth, fighting among themselves for signs of valor, honor and control of territory.

Irreplaceable enemies have thousands of players under their command, and it all depends on the general faction and race that you choose at the beginning of the game. PVP in World War II does not subside for a minute, and due to the constant change in the balance of power, the strongest one is unlikely to be revealed in the long term.

By the way, there are no significant differences between the factions in the World of Warcraft for a long time – each representative has strengths and weaknesses that are not worth choosing a faction by some cold calculation. Play for those characters that are more visually and intuitively pleasing to you.


In terms of pumping, World of Warcraft can surprise any player a little.

There is a standard pumping system, which is based on the quest system and picks up the player from the first level and takes him to 60, when the player gets the right to board a ship and swim across the ocean to set foot on new lands – the Dragon Islands.

The quest system can be ignored if you like simple farming. You simply find monsters that are slightly higher than you in level and start destroying them for experience, gold and valuable items if you’re lucky.

And the World of Warcraft will surprise you with the complete freedom of choice of places for pumping.

With each major update, the world of Azeroth was replenished with new lands and starting your gaming path, you can choose the most pleasant lands for yourself, in which you will grow to the coveted 60 and 70 levels.

Bosses and raids

Bosses that live in dungeons are a great way to not only get good equipment, but also enjoy the process of getting it.

The fact is that each boss has unique mechanics, strengths and weaknesses, changes the behavior model and often has a strong retinue. To win, you need to learn how to work in a team, know the capabilities of your character well and think quickly so as not to instantly die under the attack of the boss.

For your efforts and preparation, you will be rewarded with valuable equipment and weapons that are difficult to obtain in any other way. There is also craft, but we will discuss it in a separate section.

PVP and Arenas

When you have an implacable enemy and many of his representatives who roam the world, then you will have a lot of battles.

World of Warcraft not only encourages players to fight each other, but also actively encourages them to do so.

For killing a representative of an enemy faction that is equal to or higher than your level, you will receive coins of valor – a special valuable currency that is needed to buy equipment of a high category with enhanced characteristics for PVP battles.

Do not try to hunt and destroy opponents who are lower than you in level – this is not rewarded by the game system and is condemned by the game community. Such actions are guaranteed to be called in the general chat and senior comrades of the injured player will come for you.

Profession system

Each player can choose the path of not only pumping, but also economic and useful development for the server.

When you are engaged in professions related to the collection of resources, or the production of ready-made items, you make a significant contribution to the economic component of the server and enrich yourself by replenishing your inventory with gold.

Each player can choose only two professions for his development, and since there are specializations in supply and production, you need to choose either combined or from one path, but understand that then you will either only mine and sell, or buy resources and exclusively craft.

The most far-sighted approach is a combination of extraction and production.

What are the options:

Collecting traffic + alichemy – will give you the opportunity to get consumables for potions and first aid items and use them to create elixirs and potions of attacking and defensive potential.

Skinning + leatherworking – for some, such a profession will be unpleasant, but God is weak in World of Warcraft there is no bright visualization. However, if you master them, then archers, warriors and artisans dependent on the skin will thank you and gladly pay for your services.

Mining + Blacksmithing – You mine ore in rocks and sometimes you will come across gems. Ore is needed to create ingots and produce equipment and weapons from steel, tools, helmets and shields. Jewelers will gladly buy precious stones from you

Tailoring + Inscription – Tailoring is a profession in itself. You will get the necessary materials for the production of threads and tailoring from monsters, so here you can combine two professions useful for magicians.

The Scribe works with reagents and creates useful recipes – instructions that players can use to craft their own equipment. In the Dragonflight update, an order table has been added so that ordinary players can contact artisans through the World of Warcraft game system and your recipes will be more relevant than ever.