Why You May Have Cockroaches In your Home

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No matter the type of cockroaches you may have in your home, they always cause trouble. Although different types of cockroaches have minor differences between them, they all get into your home for the same reason. You need to understand these reasons to prevent roach infestations and minimize the risk of illnesses that come with them. If you believe you have these pests in your house, consider a Boise pest control service provider immediately. Also, don’t panic because finding cockroaches does not mean you have a dirty house.

What Attracts Roaches

A lot of people think that roaches only inhabit the homes of hoarders or other unkempt areas. But, different species may be attracted to different things inside and outside your home. Here are common roach attractants:

  • Moisture. A lot of roach species are attracted to damp areas. Generally, anything that can contribute to mold growth can also attract roaches. So, make sure to check your plumbing for leaks under sinks or around exterior plumbing fixtures. Areas with standing water like a decorative bucket or your pet’s water bowl can attract roaches.
  • Crumbs and pet food. A lot of pests can be attracted to your home if you have ample sources of food. This can be human food, pet food, cardboard, and bird feed. Thus, if you don’t want to attract them, which include roaches, into your home, you need to clean out your pantry thoroughly. Also, pick your pet’s bowl after feeding them and replace any leftover food bag into the bag. Make sure your food items are tightly sealed and if you have found roaches in your food, throw it out right away because roaches carry diseases.
  • Dark spaces. Roaches are attracted to dark areas where they can hide for a chance to get their next meal. They can be on crevices, cracks, or holes throughout your home. If you think you have a roach issue in your home, seal off small entrances. Roaches are often found in storage sheds, under kitchen or bathroom sinks, pantries, garages, closets, and mulch beds.

How to Get Rid of Roaches?

Different roach species vary in their preferred hiding places and habits. Professional cockroach control service has different approaches to cater to the species a home is dealing with. Their methods may include residual dust, baits, roach barriers, and anti-reproductive inhibitors.

Cockroaches are quite resilient. Once they have invaded your house, it can be hard to get eliminate them. Knowing the reasons why they take up residence in your house is important to keep them out.