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Hong Kong is famous for being a shopping paradise. One could argue that in Hong Kong, shopping is very much a favored past-time. However, there is more to Hong Kong than simply shopping. Visitors can enjoy Hong Kong sights from a great height, taste local delicacies, participate in the celebration of festivals, view sports competitions, and take a visit to a movie setting in the city. One can benefit from the visa-free policy and cheap and easily accessible public transport. Your travel to and in the town can be joyful, simple, and rewarding.

A historical background means the city is a delightful mixture of East and West. The city’s culture is unique while showcasing a variety of diverse backgrounds at the same time. Significantly, there are tour guides and aids like China HighlightsTour, Savvy in HK, Hong Kong SAR Tours, and tickets, etc. that can make your visit and wish list in Hong Kong a memorable one. 

Tour guides can help guide you to the best elevated café in a skyscraper and where to enjoy coffee in the morning before prayers in a Chinese-style temple later in the day. Different cultures in Hong Kong give visitors much-needed suitability. One will find it easier to travel around Hong Kong with the aid of tour guides, coupled with the fact that most can speak and write English.

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Hong Kong Highlights

Widely known as the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong offers a world of magnificent and superb international dining choices. It is worth sampling the local dim sum and fresh seafood. Compared with the food in other cities in China, which might have a rich taste or ingredients, Hong Kong’s food is more pleasing and deserves a try.

As a famous shopping mecca, the city also gives a unique and pleasing shopping experience. From the opulent shopping malls to thrilling street markets, from the latest boutiques to local and traditional stores with Chinese goods, one can equally find everything from the stylish and latest designer fashions and electronic goods to great-value antiques. Stylists from different parts of the world find Hong Kong to be Asia’s major city for buying fashion clothes, cosmetics, and ornaments, electronic products, etc.

Hong Kong Attractions

With the tour guides, Hong Kong can be an excellent place for family tours, magnificent parks, thrilling museums, and nature reserves. Moreover, children will enjoy viewing cartoon characters in Disneyland, taking a boat ride in a fishing village, and seeing science movies showing at the hemispherical dome of the city’s Space Museum. There are diverse, exciting festivals in the town; you might have an opportunity to witness its unique festival culture with the tour guides’ aid. Hong Kong is one of the great cities to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There are also countdown events, and fantastic firework shows on New Year’s Eve in Victoria Harbour. You want to consider taking the opportunity to witness Chinese festivals in Hong Kong, like Dragon Boat, Spring, and Mid-Autumn Festivals.

Equally worthwhile are the nighttime celebrations. Enjoy some tasty food and Victoria Harbor’s night views. Like the tour guides always say, ‘don’t miss the night views and fun in Hong Kong.’ You will find a lot of places to get food, drinks, or just have fun at night time. The pubs and bars are mostly located in Wan Chai, Sha Tsui, East Tsim, and Lan Kwai Fong. One can also take a night cruise around the Victoria Harbour to enjoy the views, thrills, and Light’s symphony.

Hong Kong Sporting Activities

With its world-class sports events, the city is a great place to watch top sporting events. There are many excellent sports events held annually, like the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, the International Dragon Boat Races, and the Hong Kong Tennis Open. The city’s horse racing is very popular locally and is also known internationally. If you are a Hong Kong movie lover, visit Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market, or even Chungking mansions to view where the movies were produced. Hong Kong is also the site for plenty of Hollywood movies, like Doctor Strange, Transformers 4, and Ghost in the Shell. Likewise, if you like watching Hong Kong gangster and police movies, you can go to the Police Museum to check out the Hong Kong police history and some historical weapons.

Significantly, many foreign visitors can enjoy a ninety-day visa-free stay in the city including passport holders from America, EU countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Foreigners from the U.K can stay visa-free in Hong Kong for about 180 days. 

Meanwhile, the city’s international airport houses direct flights linking different big cities globally, like Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York, Sydney LA, Toronto, Vancouver, and Melbourne. You’ll also find one of the world’s best subway systems in the city including clean, cheap and always on time trains, buses, and ferries. According to the China HighlightsTour, buy an Octopus Card and you’ll be able to use almost all public transport with it. The city location and position make it the main gateway to Mainland China and the countries of East Asia. Its international air service is perfect, and healthy competition means prices are adequately low.

The Final Words

On a final note, the tour guides and blogs like Savvy in HK, wish to make visit to Hong Kong a memorable one, Hong Kong is known for its beauty treatments, consider a Botox injection, under the guidance of the Savvy in HK blog to help your trip an unforgettable experience.