Wood Chipper – Buying Guide and Tips

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Wood Chipper Doubtlessly, nothing is more daunting than dealing with fallen leaves and branches in our yards. Yard cleanups aren’t just time-consuming, but they badly exhaust the person doing it. However, no matter how frustrating it can be, you can’t let waste and debris to be accumulated in your garden, or else it will eventually wreck even the most lucrative lawns.

In this regard, Wood Chipper is the absolute answer to all your lawn care issues. They are powerful yard cleaning tools, which have been specifically designed to help you keep you always keep your landscape neat and tidy. They don’t just aim to reduce your workload, but can also help you save loads of money! -Just like any other power tools and machines, wood chippers also come with different specifications and models. Best to seek the latest reviews from tool experts such as BestOfMachinery to make sure that you only pick the one that suits your needs.

Not much aware of Wood Chipper? No Worries! As here, we have provided a full-fledged buying guide on Wood Chippers, which will definitely help you get started!

Types of Wood Chippers

To find a perfect wood chipper for oneself, it’s crucial to first understand its types. By being well-informed regarding different types of, you will be conveniently able to select the right one, which meets your needs. Hence, wood chippers are sorted majorly into two types, including:

Electric Wood Chippers

Electrical wood chippers are powered by an extension cord, which is plugged into the mains. This extension cord needs to be carried along while utilizing the shredder. Unlike other chippers, they rarely require maintenance, such as oil changes and spark plug replacements, etc. Also, their ergonomic and compact design offers incredible portability. However, they are only useful for eliminating mulch branches and small debris up to 1 3/8 inches and are not suitable for denser cleanups.

Gas-Powered Wood Chippers

For larger diameter sticks and thick branches to chip, gas-powered Wood Chippers or Gas chipper shredders (i.e. the combination of chipper and shredder), are ideal to use. Fortunately, they are capable of chipping branches anywhere from 1 1/2 inches to 7 inches in diameter. Although they are quite large in size and difficult to carry, it still is very popular among residential consumers and professional lawn caretakers, particularly due to its effectiveness.

Factors to consider while buying a Wood Chipper

Investing in a Wood Chipper is absolutely worth it! However, today a diverse range of chippers are available in the market, and it’s quite challenging to find the best one for oneself. To assist you in this regard, here we have discussed the necessary aspects to consider while buying a wood chipper.

Yard Debris

It’s significant to first examine the type of branches and leaves that you may find in your yard, and then select chipper according to the power needed. Electric powered chippers are ideal for small branches and limbs, while gas-powered would suffice for more powerful cutting such as trees.

Frequency of Use

How often you use the chipper also plays a major role in finding the right one. If you wish to use chipper occasionally for your personal use, you may go for a cheaper option. In contrast, you may go for expensive options for professional use.


Budget is a major constraint for most of us. Luckily, Wood Chippers are available at an extensive range of price points, so even If you are short on budget, you will be easily able to find one.

Collection Bag

Your chipper must have a collection bag, or else all the debris will blow in your yard. This will prevent your yard from turning into a junkyard; hence look for a durable bag that can suffice your waste.


Although all chippers require regular maintenance, indeed electrical chippers score better in this regard. Gas-powered chipper tends to require regular checks, however now they come with low oil sensor, which protects the engine.

Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio describes the efficiency of the machine, in eliminating yard waste. Usually, a machine reduction rate of 8:1 or 10:1 ratio is ideal for yard cleanups.

Sturdy Construction

Always choose a chipper that has a quality buildup. A model made of thick, welded 10- to 16-gauge steel will definitely last you ages!

Safety Precautions while using a Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a powerful machine and must be handled responsibly with precaution. Inappropriate use might be very risky, and you may even end up injuring your own self. Therefore, make sure to:

  • Never put your hand in any part of the machine, including feeding, or in discharge openings.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, steel-toed footwear, and thick work clothes.
  • Make sure to keep your pets and bystanders (especially young children) at least 75 feet away from the operating machine.
  • Read the owner manual properly and be aware of how to quickly stop the model.


A wood chipper is an ultra-versatile machine, and a perfect way to bid farewell to messy yards! They ensure that your lawn looks neat and tidy throughout the year. However, its benefit can only be reaped by following precautionary guidelines cautiously.

We hope our guide proves helpful in finding the perfect Wood Chipper and would have solved your queries.

Happy summers!