5 Main Barriers to Smooth Wound Healing

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Wound Healing

Wound care is gaining the attention of many in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s partly because many factors can impede the healing process. Some of these are environmental, such as exposure to pollution or cigarette smoke. Others are related to lifestyle choices, such as poor nutrition or lack of exercise. Still, others are due to medical conditions, such as diabetes or circulatory problems. This is why speaking with a wound care specialist Memphis is elemental. They’ll guide you on what inhibits smooth wound healing. Here are some of them.

  1. Keeping Wounds Open

One of the main ways to prevent wounds from healing is to keep them open. This can be done in several ways, but one of the most common is not to change the dressings often enough. This allows bacteria and other contaminants to get into the wound and slows down the healing process. It’s essential to change your dressings regularly.

It’s essential to change your dressings regularly to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from getting into the wound and inhibiting the natural healing process.

  1. Dead Skin

Dead skin can also be a significant impediment to wound healing. This is because it can trap bacteria and other contaminants, leading to infection. It’s essential to keep the wound clean and free of dead skin. One way to do this is to use a gentle scrubbing motion when cleaning the wound.

One way to deal with necrosis is to remove the dead tissue. This can occur in several ways, but one of the most common is using a scalpel to cut away the necrotic tissue. Another way is to use a laser to burn out the necrotic tissue. Either way, your doctor will focus on the right approach that suits you right.

  1. Hemorrhage

Hemorrhage is the medical term for excessive bleeding. It can occur internally or externally and lead to serious health problems if not treated. Some of the most common hemorrhage causes include trauma, childbirth, cancer, and blood vessel disorders.

This bleeding disorder is not suitable for healing wounds. It can be due to several things, but poor circulation is one of the most common. When blood doesn’t flow properly to the wound, it can slow down the healing process. One way to improve circulation is to exercise regularly.

  1. Poor Diet

A poor diet can also be a significant barrier to wound healing. It can lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients necessary for the healing process. It’s critical to eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

One way to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need for wound healing is to take a multivitamin supplement. It will help to fill any gaps in your diet.

  1. Smoking

Smoking can increase the risk of complications, such as infection and delayed healing. Smoking impairs the body’s ability to fight infection and repairs tissue damage. It’s essential to quit smoking if you want your wound to heal quickly and correctly.

In summary, many factors can impede the healing process of a wound. It’s essential to speak with a specialist to determine what inhibits smooth wound healing. Some of the most common barriers include keeping wounds open, dead skin, bleeding, and poor diet. Smoking can also increase the risk of complications, such as infection and delayed healing.

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