Writing Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

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Summary – The article highlights the growing trends of writing apps worldwide. It also depicts various expectations vs. reality scenarios that these writing apps are facing. The article focuses on the factors that users must keep in mind while choosing the best writing app.

With the beginning of a new decade, writing has gained a lot of prominences. Writing is a form of human art. From writing blogs, comments to posting on social media, sending e-mails and text messages, writing has become a part of our daily lives.

Technology has made its contribution to all the fields including manual labor. Writing is one of them. The skilled app developers have created some of the best writing apps to assist the users in improving their writing experience.

These writing apps assist the users in writing articles, reports, news, and essays. It also helps in correcting the grammatical mistakes and enhances the content.

A hobby like writing is great. Most people can agree with that. But if you decide to use a writing app the next question is how?

Nowadays there are a lot of different ways to write content: the traditional way of writing on your own by searching and gaining information on content ideas or perhaps what might be considered the most modern way: using an app on your mobile phone or desktop which makes the art of writing easy and accessible to everyone.

The most attractive argument for a lot of people is that you can write whenever, wherever and whatever you want. It`s your own decision and no one can really control your progress.

Although this might be sometimes a real problem, especially for lazy people. Have you ever thought about using such an app? But you aren`t sure yet if you should try it? Some of the best writing apps present in the app industry are –

  • Drafts
  • JotterPad
  • Editorial
  • Day One Journal

Here are some of the expectations vs. reality scenarios of the writing apps –

1. Expectation – Writing Apps and Bots Help in Producing Content Just Like Humans

Reality – Writing Apps Lack the Human Touch

Writing apps lack the human touch. It can correct your grammatical mistakes but these apps cannot provide you with the content ideas related to daily life. Writing requires personality and feeling that comes from your heart.

While an app can perform a given task, often more efficiently than the users can, what it lacks is the artistry in the activity, that uniquely human ability to cater to the needs of the individual.

2. Expectations – Writing Apps are Free and Easy to Use

Reality – Most of The Writing Apps Have Paid Models

The writing apps have powerful features that will help you improve your writing skills. It provides several editing options and recommendations like avoiding active or passive voice, alternative word suggestions for using a broad vocabulary and more.

But most of these apps provide all these features in the Premium Subscriptions. You need to pay on a monthly basis to avail of all the benefits of the apps.

For example, Grammarly uses a Premium subscription to provide features like premium grammar checkers.

3. Expectation – The Writing Apps Works Well on all the Devices

Reality – Some of the Writing Apps only Work Efficiently on Laptops and Desktops

In the current world scenario, people have a very fast life. It is not possible for them to carry heavy laptops wherever they travel. The users expect to use a writing app that works well on all devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

They can use light portable devices like mobile phones and tablets while they travel and laptops and desktops in their respective workplaces.

 But to use some of the writing apps on phones and tablets, you need to download the plugins. Need to access the local file system? Sure, download this plugin. Some plugins barely describe how to use them. They just provide you with a sample snippet so you are left wondering how to use the plugin for a number of days.

If you want to test a particular writing app on your device while writing, you can download the software like PhoneGap App to have it compile to your app before downloading it.

Some of the writing apps need to work on improving the user experience by making the app compatible with all the devices.

4. Expectation – Writing Apps are Easily Accessible

Reality – You have to be Internet Dependent to Write

These days while 4G and Wifi connections are available in almost all the locations, if you happen to lose the connection you will not be able to access your app.

The writing app should be supported by all the browsing networks. If you are going to use the app in a single office, and have slow internet access, then these apps will not be an appropriate technical investment for your business.

5. Expectation – All the Writing Apps are Secure

Reality – All the writing apps are not secure.

 Each and every app developed and present in the Playstore is having some or the other mistake followed by third-party tool integration.

These loopholes tend to damage personal data and information. Some of the apps may have poor authorization and authentication. Some may have malware that leads to data leakage.

Always make sure to use the best writing apps for a good writing experience. Make sure to go through detailed app reviews and ratings before using a writing app.


Many companies and developers have their applications as multiplatform. This means that the writing apps running on the various operating systems of mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) also adapt to the web app version.

Choosing a writing app is a very personal decision and it completely depends on the need of the user. If the user is an English language professional, he/she would not need a writing app in the first place. Writing apps have a very wide user base and has tried to meet almost all the expectations of the users but lacks in the above-mentioned points.

Make sure to go through the detailed app review before using an app. Each writing app has different features. Choose the app which is the most suitable for your needs and fulfills your expectations.