All You Need To Know About a Beach Destination Wedding

Beach Destination Wedding

Have you always dreamt about having a beach destination wedding? Below are all the things you must know about planning your dream beach destination wedding. Weddings celebrations have undergone various changes over all these years. Earlier people were more concerned about their vows and loved ones. Now most of them are interested in having a luxurious, romantic and beautiful wedding. ...

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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Get Yourself a Tote Bag!

Tote Bags

Fashion is becoming less and less restricted to elite designer bags and instead has extended to bags that have more utility functions than just tags. Namely, tote bags have become immensely popular for their casual look and usefulness. These bags come under various price ranges to suit your budget and are mostly sturdy and spacious to match your needs. They ...

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Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt If I’m Short And Petite?

Maxi Skirt

Are you considering wearing a petite maxi skirt for the first time? Why walk around while you can easily get an amazing gorgeous maxi skirt that fits your budget on the These skirts have been around for quite a while and are now a favorite amongst many stylish petite women. There are so many ways to wear a maxi skirt and ...

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Tips for Buying the Best Sweatshirt


Sometimes referred to as “jumpers”, sweatshirts are some of the most popular garments when the temperatures outside begin to fall. You can choose from a variety of different materials and naturally, the styles will vary between wearers. Have you been looking to update your existing wardrobe or have you recently come across a retailer that is liquidating its current inventory? ...

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Choose From The Umpteen Variety Of Diamond Ring Models

Diamond Ring

The Umpteen Variety Of Diamond Ring Models. Endless gold ring designs for women are available for you to choose from. Love is the most beautiful feeling celebrated that keeps you alive. Sharing your life with someone is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world which makes life meaningful and worth living. Love is the most eternal feeling in ...

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How to Style a Man Bun

Man Bun Styles

Understanding How to Style a Man Bun A man bun is an excellent way to tame your long hair. If you want to wear one, there are varying looks that you can opt for depending on the length of your hair and how you need it to look like. If you need a more stylish and sophisticated look or formal, ...

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9 of the Best Pearl Accessories to Invest in

Pearl Jewelry

If you are looking to invest in a valuable jewellery piece, pearls are the perfect place to start. With so many different kinds, you can find one that works for you and your budget. The best part about the gem of the sea– it is a timeless classic, but there are so many different ways to wear it. If you ...

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Things You Need To Consider While Buying Your Perfect Lehenga

lehenga design

After saree, the lehenga is one of the popular Indian attire that every girl yearns to wear once in their lifetime. Perfectly accentuating the beauty of a woman, the lehenga is a beguiling Indian attire that is popular for all the valid reasons. There is plenty of lehenga design out there that often makes the wearer more confused than ever.  The wedding ...

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Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Newly Brides & Grooms!


It is the last week of January so February is knocking on the door. February is the love month; in the heart of it is Valentine’s Day. Like all other festivals, the celebration of love has also become a universal festival. Throughout the world, almost every country celebrates the universal festival of love. Though it is said to be the ...

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GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener: What You Need to Know

You may have heard of the new ghd eclipse hair straightener equipped with the new tri-zone technology developed by the American brand GHD Great used to hair straighteners and other stylers. We had not yet tested this little gem of technology. Today, it’s done, and it is with pleasure that we deliver our opinion on the ghd eclipse straightener.  No ...

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