Cloudera SDX: What’s the hype about?


In 2008, Christophe Bisciglia from Google, Amr Awadallah from Yahoo!, Mike Olson from Oracle and Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook came together as founders of Cloudera, a company with the core belief that open source is the future. Today, with its headquarters at Pal Alto, California, it operates in over 24 countries in the world. In this blog we will be talking ...

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How SSL Certificate affect SEO and Google Rankings

SSL Certificate

How SSL Certificate affects SEO and Google Rankings. SSL Certificates are double-edged swords! They can either ruin (if not installed) or fix your Google and SEO rankings. Read on to see when they can negatively or positively impact your SEO, and how to get the most from them. To understand better how SSL Certificates, affect Google and SEO rankings, it’s ...

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Why Businesses Need Solid Front-End Development

Front End Development

“Early introduction is the last impression”. This is the quotation that precisely fits with organizations and their individual sites/applications. In the realm of improvement, front-end development assumes a huge job for various reasons. So, what is front-end development and why is it crucial? At the point when a client first opens a site or an application, the principal thing viewable ...

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How VR Can Enhance Your Next Event


Virtual reality (VR) is creative and substantially invention of technology throughout the 21st century. It just not subtle the business rules and procedures also changed the way of doing business. Communication and collaboration among businesses has improved compare than the past as well as Virtual reality mulled the businesses process. Business issues in Past Business organizations had went through from ...

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OneDrive and iCloud Data Security Explained – Which One Better

Onedrive For Business

Onedrive For Business Onedrive For Business – The use of cloud storage was made a reality when individuals and corporations urgently needed for instant real-time storage. Cloud storage was not taken seriously until individuals explored its possibilities and adopted it as a safe storage facility. To confirm the scenario as mentioned earlier, 73 percent of companies were aligned and questioned. ...

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Essential Features of the SQL Developer Test

SQL Developer

The SQL developer is the kind of free and it is the completely supported graphical tool that helps in enhancing the level of productivity and it also helps in simplifying the set of the database development tasks. By making use of the SQL developer tool the user is able to edit and browse and create the various database objects. It ...

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Cyber security Predictions Based On Reality and Not Astrology

Cyber security is the need of the hour as the volume of cyber space users is soaring even higher than the predictions. Cyber landscape is not used by just the single users, but, it is also used by the big-sized corporates, healthcare giants, education institutes, financial wings and even transport businesses. Basically, cyberspace has kind of become a mandatory part ...

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How is Big Data Impacting Healthcare Technology


Quite like the finance sector, the healthcare technology industry is also highly data driven. Therefore using that data to provide better care and services to patients is imperative for healthcare providers. Big data is the term often used to refer to structured or unstructured data that is generated from different sources. The healthcare industry is one where doctors and other ...

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Everything you need to know about forging and how it works

Forging is one of the most important and age-old operations used to shape materials for industrial applications. Typically this process requires the application of pressure and temperature to cause the softening of the material. A wide range of metals and alloys had been found to be compatible with this process. Later, due to the Industrial Revolution and the discovery of ...

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5 Elements of Powerful Brand Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Brand Design Process

Why is branding important?  5 Elements of Powerful Brand Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide. There are many steps to take when you are figuring out how you want to structure and brand your company. There are many components to consider. Your brand identity also consists of your trademark, your visual appearance, communications as well as your name. Depending on what ...

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Benefits of Lift Chairs and How They Can Help

Lift Chairs

People try to make their life as comfortable as possible. To achieve that goal, they use different inventions of various kinds. Thus, people actively buy lift chairs. There are multiple models and manufacturers. If you want to learn more details on each model and be aware of the latest news, follow this website. In the meanwhile, we’d like to propose ...

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Impressive Event Technology Trends Reshaping the Future of business

Event Technology Trends No doubt, modern technology has really getting advance in providing the best factors to utilize it for every field of life. It has remarkably produced the best and impressive solutions to make everything perfect for a better future. The real impact of modern technology you can personally see in the field of business where it has remarkably ...

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How much the phone stabilizers are beneficial

This thinking goes through people’s heads several times a day. Cell phones have become so small and portable that they have become incredibly easy to fold. If you are still pocketing your phone or loose in your purse, you really need to consider using a phone stabilizer. A phone keeper will keep your phone in a safe place at all ...

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Why Employers Should Invest in Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

When you hire an employee, you spend a lot of money on interviewing different applicants, finding the right person, and training them for the position. If they end up leaving the job soon after being hired, your company loses money because you have to start the process over again. In addition, a high turnover rate can end up having a ...

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6 Reasons You Have Low Stamina No Matter Intense Workout


6 Reasons You Have Low Stamina No Matter Intense Workout. Are you going too soft in your efforts to increase your stamina? Or are you going too hard? Do you run daily, but the workout never gets easier? Whatever the reason, you not increasing it. What are the reasons you may ask? There could be several, but the seven here ...

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A matrimonial Website Script with Ample Options for Matchmaking

Matrimonial sites have turned out to be extremely prominent in the present time. They have achieved a significant introduction which has enabled the individuals to associate with one another to consume their time on earth together. Matrimonial sites enable the individuals to interface the relational arrangers with their ideal match that they have been searching for every one of the ...

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