Cosmetic Physicians and what they do

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Cosmetic Physicians

Your physical appearance may not be given high priority when determining your overall health. However, how you look plays a significant role in how you feel about yourself and, in turn, the quality of life you live. By this logic, if you think changing your appearance will make you feel better, it probably will. This has been encouraged by the development of medical spa facilities offering cosmetic services administered by a cosmetic Fort Worth physician. More about what this physician does is discussed below.

Who is a Cosmetic physician?

This is a medical professional who deals with enhancing and restoring various facial and skin issues to provide a fresher, younger-looking appearance.

There are multiple treatments that these physicians can perform, which include:

Laser Hair Removal

This process involves utilizing laser light pulses to get rid of the hair follicle. The laser is first placed on your skin before it releases a pulse that kills the hair root, inhibiting hair growth. It takes about ten minutes and is significantly less painful than waxing or tweezing.

The treatment can be used on many parts of your body, including:

·         Bikini area

·         Back

·         Neck

·         Shoulders

·         Chest face


This treatment involves using a controlled cooling system to decrease fat by getting rid of the stubborn pockets. This is the most widespread method of getting rid of fat. A cooling mix is administered to freeze the targeted fat site through a specialized device. An initial cold sensation is felt for five minutes before it numbs and disappears. The fats are sucked out using a vacuum.

Areas of the body where cool sculpting can be done include:

·         Double chin

·         Sides

·         Bra fat

·         Stomach

·         Thighs

·         Arms

·         Low back

Coolsculpting helps eliminate rolls and bulges that do not respond to exercise and diet.

Soft Tissue Fillers

These injectable fillers are used to provide a more smooth, fuller appearance, with their main aims being:

·         To restore the volume and contour of cheeks and lips

·         To assist reduction in the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles

·         To increase volume to the back of your hands to assist reduce the appearance of prominent bones, veins, and tendons which show up as we get older.

Multiple branded soft tissue fillers vary depending on the type of results. The filler material is introduced by a tiny needle directly into the targeted areas. Mild burning or stinging is felt when inserting the filler. Several follow-up treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results.


This is an injectable given to inhibit the appearance of facial creases and dynamic wrinkles temporarily. This popular treatment is typically inserted into the neuromuscular tissues beneath the skin, inhibiting nerve signals that enable your muscles to contract. Your muscles then relax, reducing wrinkles. The process is quick, taking at least fifteen minutes with results lasting up to six months.

A cosmetic physician is uniquely placed to be able to give expert medical advice and treatment options to solve body issues even though they may not pose any risk to the body. Visit us online or call our offices in Fort Worth, TX, for any cosmetic physician inquiries.

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